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Wildlife Farming: Does it Help or Hurt Threatened Species?

Wildlife Farming: Does it Help or Hurt Threatened Species?

Wildlife farming is a way of animal farming where endangered species are raised in an agricultural set up to produce medicine, food and fiber. It provides food and boosts the rural income. Many food security consultants, public health experts and sea world experts have promoted this idea but some scientists argue that such farming does

Understanding The Science Of Rainbow!

Yes, rainbow is one of the best creations that nature has. We always look into the sky for this beautiful and eye-catchy colorful moment while it’s raining. Who does not want to admire the surreal splash of colors in sky? Do you know why the colors are always in same pattern? Why it happens when

40 Best Hubble telescope Pictures Of Space

Have you ever heard of Hubble Space Telescope (HST)? If yes then kudos but if you haven’t you can have the whole idea from this article. This telescope was invented in1990, and from then, it has gave us some set of amazing and beautiful images that inspired many people to know and learn about space.

What Glaciers Are And How They Form?

Have you ever witnessed a huge white glacier? If not, then you might have seen it on TV or internet videos. Watching all these insane glaciers, did you get brainstorming questions like how they are form, what they are for, how many centuries a glacier took to gain such incredible size, how they affect our

10 Innovative Renewable Energy Inventions

Now we all know that the renewable energy usages are more welcome than the conventional energy usages because of their low environmental impacts. In this ongoing age where everyone is aware about the importance of sustainable development, renewable or non-conventional energy inventions are very essential so that the total need of energy can be fulfilled

10 Intelligent and Easy Ways to Save Electricity

Electricity is one of the necessities that we humans can’t live without. There is nothing to argue about this matter and frankly speaking, electricity is also something that is becoming our headache day by day. The cost of electricity is not very low and it is going on increasing. So our regular cost is also

7 Life Changing Inventions By Blind Inventors

Disability is not about what you can’t do physically, this world has many blind people but few of them have proved that disability can never stop you from succeeding and shining as star. It’s not about physical disability instead it’s the will power, mindset, determination and insane hard work that all and always matters. Such

Inventors Whose Inventions Have Been Suppressed

Many of scientists, engineers and researchers have served us with their life changing discovery that has been helping mankind and will always do forever. But even after that, there were also some inventions that have been suppressed, yes, you could have heard of Henry ford, founder of ford company; known for powerful engines but did

What Would The Earth Look Like If Humans Disappeared

Have you ever imagined this thrilling scenario ever in life? Scientists and researchers of university of Denmark and also from other universities have claimed the statistics of what would happen to earth, animals and man-made creations. Definitely, the world would look like Serengeti and it would start from natural stress affects on our homes. Just