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40 Heart Breaking Images Of Water Pollution

40 Heart Breaking Images Of Water Pollution

Since childhood we are studying that about 70% of our earth’s surface is covered by water and water is the most precious gift of nature. But, how many of you actually know that we ‘human beings’ are only responsible for exploiting this natural resource to such an extent that now, it has become impossible to

40 Suffocating Pictures Of Air Pollution

Air pollution has become a major environmental health problem and serious issue for concern because it’s spreading like a virus in both developing and developed countries. How many of you know that the smog out there in the air will very soon blacken all major metropolitan cities? Yes…off course, why not! If you continue to

Know More About 20 Most Dirtiest Cities In The World

It’s becoming impossible for people to live a healthy and sustainable life in world’s most polluted cities, still more than half of the world’s population is living in cities. Cities are becoming hub of diseases, carbon dioxide emissions levels have risen up from past few years, but it hardly matters to us. Rather than keeping