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Eight Psychological concepts people don’t get

When it comes to human sciences like psychology, most of us assume that we have worthy insights to share even if we do not have the education or experience to support it. You don’t find people claiming the same thing about other sciences like the study of space, or chemistry or genetics or physics. But

6 Devastating Wars Fought Over Oil

If you go through the history of world politics and international relationships, you will notice that ‘oil’, or for better understanding, availability of petroleum resources of some countries have always been the triggering factor behind many of the global wars. Many conflicts have originated and major wars over oil have been fought since the World

Top 10 Drought Prone Countries in the World

Every country’s agriculture, national economy, ecosystem, cultural and social life is effected by the availability of the water in that country. There are countries like Colombia (3240 mm / year), Papua New Guinea, Panama, and Malaysia which receive the highest annual rainfall whereas there are countries which do not receive much rainfall. There are several

Why is it Necessary to say No to Animal Skin!

We humans are always very passionate about fashion. There is hard to find a man or woman who doesn’t like to look stylish and beautiful. But this fashion has led humans to do some very awkward things and today we will be talking about one of that. Animal skin a very essential element for many

25 Heart Breaking Deforestation Facts to be Concerned About

Do you admire nature? Then you must aware of how fast the rate of deforestation is increasing. Your ATM receipt, match box, agriculture, buildings and so many other businesses; consequently, resultant is the reducing of forests. Let it goes this way for 100 years and our next generation would not even see the rainforests ever.