8 Table Games that Can Dazzle Both Kids and Adults

For anyone who is looking for a fun night indoors and doesn’t want to stare at a screen and watch a movie or endless TV shows, trying out a board game is highly recommended. After all, they are competitive, require creative thinking and they are quite sociable and interactive. They are one sure way to spend more time with your friends and children. What’s also great about them is the fact that these board games aren’t expensive at all, and they are highly versatile – you can play them in the bar, in a park, or at home. They are truly entertaining ways to spend your family nights. You could even try to create a website for kids with these board games! These are some board games that can be highly interesting to play, both for children and adults:

Table Games that Can Dazzle Both Kids and Adults


Tenzi is an amazing board game that is highly entertaining for a family environment. Every kid loves rolling dices, right? Well, imagine rolling 10 of them at the same time. That’s what Tenzi gets you to do. The original game is played with four players rolling their dices at the same time. The first player to roll the same number on all the dices wins. It’s truly a fast and easy game that the youth loves. Just a little hand-eye coordination can do it. Even more, there are tons of variations to the gameplay. Also, don’t forget, the game is very fast-paced. It’s a true family favorite, as long as you can keep up with the dice!

Pocket Farkle

Pocket Farkle is another good dice-rolling game. It’s a little more challenging, since it has elements that are similar to the classic board game called Yahtzee, but it is not nearly as complicated. Pocket Farkle comes in a little tube that has the size of a small box, meaning that it’s perfect for keeping in your purse or backpack. The game is quite easy to learn, fast and addictive. You can take it anywhere – the airport, a restaurant, the grandparents’ house, etc. Also, the simple addition it requires as you score points can prove to be really helpful for kids working on basic math. Pocket Farkle comes in a wide variety of colors, so they make good stocking stuffers and party gifts. The game is cheap enough that every kid or adult can have his or her own game and color.

Farkle Flip

This is a card-based variation of the dice game Pocket Farkle. The new twist of Farkle Flip allows players to “steal” from other players’ accumulated cards, making it just as easy as regular Farkle, but slightly more strategic. The card format works just fine, even being better sometimes, maybe when the clatter of rolling dice just isn’t appropriate for wherever you might be playing.

Monopoly Deal

Unlike classic Monopoly, Monopoly Deal is a new game that takes all of the highlights of Monopoly, such as accumulating properties, making money and strategy, and it speeds it all the way up. Standard Monopoly is a classic game that requires patience, calculators and a lot of time. With Monopoly Deal, you can play one full game in about 10 minutes, or even less. It’s also much easier yet still exciting.

Sorry Revenge

Classic Sorry is a game that takes quite a lot of time, usually much more than parents want to spend. Its variation called Sorry Revenge speeds up the game way up since it’s a card-based version. The game is portable, speedy and easy to learn. The gameplay sometimes comes pretty close to Blackjack, with a few twists, meaning that it helps your kids’ strategic and creative mindset development. Actually, you should not underestimate this game, it is funny to play it also in a group of friends at a party especially if you want to make your evening more exciting.

Scrabble Harry Potter edition

Regular Scrabble is exciting yet it can be a difficult game if you are a family with small kids. However, the Harry Potter edition of the game can make wonders – both kids and adults will love playing it. The trick is that the game allows you to use not only the ordinary words but also the unique vocabulary from the magic world of wizards. It also contains some special Hogwarts cards that will make you remind the beautiful novels and films about the school of magic.

Phase 10

This is one amazing family card game that can dazzle both kids and adults. Phase 10 takes a little more time than some other games on this list, but most families typically cut out the playing time in half by playing only five phases of the game instead of all ten. However, it depends on you: with younger kids, you can use a simpler version while if you are playing with friends or with teenagers, you can follow the classic rules. It’s a game that requires a little bit of strategy but is simple enough for kids that are at least 6 years old.


Do you remember the “broken telephone game” where you never know what you’ll end up with by the time a word or phrase reaches the end of a circle? Telestrations is similar to that, but with drawings. You don’t have to keep score in the game, and it’s pretty much just one hilarious activity. In this game, every player draws at the same time, which means no waiting around between turns. A fantastic and fun diversion game for both adults and children!

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