7 Effects of Plastic Bags on the Environment

We humans always look for our convenience and that’s the reason what we are today. We are living in an environment full of poisons. But leaving that aside for a bit, we will be talking about the devastating effect that we are putting on our environment every day. Yes, you can make an idea that we are talking about nothing other than plastic bags. Plastic bags are deadly for the whole environment, but why? Scroll this article to know about the effects of plastic bags on the environment. So are you ready to know the truth? Let’s move down.

Effects of Plastic Bags on the Environment:

Clogged Sewage Systems: This is one of the greatest problems that we face due to plastic bags. Normally, we use plastic bags for our needs and just throw it as a waste. But this waste is completely non-degradable and it is carried by the running water to the storm sewers. Now this non-degradable plastic bag wastes form clumps and block the flow of water. This is on the significant cause of flood in urban areas. Even the clogged drain house larvae of many dangerous insects and mosquitoes, which is a reason of life taking diseases.

Harmful for Wildlife: You can’t even think how plastic bags can put an impact on wildlife. If you have a look into deep, you will find that the wildlife, especially the marine wildlife faces a vulnerable situation. Our mistake can risk their existence in a huge way. They ingest these plastic wastes resulting in blocking their guts which can finally take their life. So think of this fatal effect on them because of our convenience.

Cleaning Cost is High: Not only the use of plastic bags put an effect on nature, but it also put an effect on the economy, but how? Yes, when we litter plastic bags, it becomes a responsibility of the local authority to clean it because of the sewage system. And the cleaning cost is really high. So this put a great impact on the economy as well. We have to keep that in mind all the time.

Use Finite Natural Resources: Now it is also a fact that the effect of making plastic bags on nature starts from the very initial stage. While making plastic bags, we need natural resources like petroleum oil. A huge amount of petroleum is needed to produce even the simplest form of plastic bags. Now comes the part of energy consumption. Petroleum is extracted, refined and shaped and this total procedure needs a big amount of energy. So it’s a big use
of natural resources. Producing a high amount of energy also causes air pollution.

Effects of Plastic Bags on Greenery: If you think only the animals are affected due to plastic bags, you are going wrong. Actually, plants also face a great problem due to the use of plastic bags. Plastic bags break down into the soil and release harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A, which harms natural organisms that are responsible for the survival of plants. Even in some cases, plastic bags get clogged in small plants resulting in blockage of light and nutrients.

Plastic Bags are really Insightful: If you think about the beauty around you, you will even face problem due to plastic bag litters. Almost all of us use plastic bags for various purposes and then throw it here and there after it is used. Now this plastic bag waste that we see here and there around the roads and places are just because of these. Frankly speaking, it is really unsightful and puts a bad impact on children. What they see today perform in mere future. So it’s time to be very careful about that.

Long Years to Decompose: Plastic is more harmful than it is useful to us. Now at the last point what we must say talk about is that the plastic bags really take a long long time to decompose. They break up into small particles and we all know that plastic bags can take up to 1000 years to decompose. But still, this is only possible when it is decomposed responsibly in a system.

Now, what are you thinking about? Are you really worried about the situation? Are you thinking hard to cut off the use of plastic from your life? Yeah! Three big questions, but no solution. You can think of many things, but very few people will come by your side as they still can’t understand the effect of it on this planet. It will take time for the whole human race to understand, but that time will really pay. All these adverse effects of plastic bags on the environment have already made a great change and in the coming years, it will change a lot. So be ready for that, or start a campaign immediately.

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