10 Signs you are feeling insecure in a Relationship

Relationships are very precious and we always feel the value of it. When you are in love with someone, you will always feel the depth of that relationship. Yes, you will feel loved, respected and of course secured in every means. But when you see a lack of any of these beforehand, you must be sure that the relationship is in a crisis. But what is the most common crisis that couples face? That is the thing we will be talking about today and that is absolute ‘Insecurity’. Now how will you get that you are feeling insecure in a relationship? That’s very easy to understand with all these signs.

Signs you are feeling insecure in a Relationship:

Afraid of Losing your Mate: If you are in a constant fear of losing your mate, and that is making you really crazy, you can be very sure that you are feeling insecure in this relationship. The fact is that insecurity will always make you feel that you are not worth your mate. So you fall into a dilemma that whether your mate likes you or not. You may also think that your mate is not enjoying your company. So, first of all, you need a deep trust in each other to save a relationship.

Demanding access to Gazettes: Now if your mind is driving you to check your mate’s electronic gazettes like phone, tab or laptops, the sign is not a good one. There is something that is making you feel insecure in the relationship. That may be a paranoia that is driving you to check all these constantly. But frankly speaking, you must understand that you can’t change your mate by policing. The thing is that either you trust your partner, or you don’t. But you can really solve this problem talking to each other instead of secretly accessing your partner’s electronic gazettes.

Need for Repeated Reassurance: Do you love me? Am I looking attractive to you? Will you marry me? Will you be with me forever? Are you making these questions repeatedly? That means you are in need of reassurance from your partner. But you are only doing this because you are not feeling secure. Just think simply, when you have a trust in your relationship, why do you need to ask all these questions? Because you will be sure about everything in such case. Though we understand that some small measure of reassurance may sometimes make you feel special, if you see that this is only the conversation that is you are making most of the time, it’s sure shot sign of insecurity.

Stalking Social Media Profiles: Now this is a great addition to the list because social media is now a very important part of our lifestyle. If you are regularly stalking your mate’s social media profile to check all the whereabouts, you must know that you are doing this out of insecurity. But this can really lead to big arguments and more insecurities out of misunderstanding. But this is not the way you should live with your mate, these signs are ruining your life.

Fear of Confrontation: So if you have started fearing about confrontations, it’s not a healthy relationship anymore. This happens because of the fear of confrontation which is caused by insecurity. When you both are honest from your sides, you should confront each other where you feel so. This is the healthy sign of a relationship. You are getting yourself wrong and fearing confrontations. Instead, you can solve everything with confrontations.

Not liking to be left Alone: When you are really insecure in your relationship, you will feel haunted when you are left alone. You will not be able to tolerate silence. But this can lead you to a deep psychological effect, so if you are feeling so, talk with your partner and opt for a good counseling, that can make you understand everything in the right way.

Consumed by Jealousy: In love, certain limit of jealousy is considered healthy for a relationship, but if that cross every limit, then it starts affecting the relationship. When insecurity starts to drive your jealousy, it’s time you should think about it. Some of the common signs of jealousy include spying your mate, asking the whereabouts every time, flirting with someone else to make your mate jealous about you, controlling your normal behavior etc. all these are symptoms of unhealthy jealousy. So you should be careful because it’s really hard to remove jealousy from your mind.

Criticizing your Mate: Are you being a bit more critic? Criticizing each and everything of your partner is also not a good sign because you are doing this to present yourself as superior and your mate an inferior. Why do you need to do so, when you are in a healthy relationship? Healthy criticism is always welcome and normal, but when it becomes a constant phenomenon, it is a matter of insecurity.

Interfering in Private Spaces: If you see that you are interfering in your mate’s private spaces, you are making a great mess, and you should immediately stop that. Suppose your mate is going out with his or her friends, and you are feeling annoyed because of that. It happens because of insecurity and you should change that immediately. Don’t think that your mate will forget you after going out with friends.

You are over Analyzing everything: Now if you see that you are over analyzing every simple thing with your partner, that’s not a right thing. Maybe you are feeling that right at this moment, but actually, that is hampering your relationship. Never do that and there is actually nothing to over analyze everything you have to think everything in a simple outlook.

Relationships are very precious, so always try to handle it with care. It takes just a moment to break up a relationship, but it takes a big time to make a relationship. So, you can’t let a relationship break out of silly issues. You may feel insecure in a relationship, but there’s a whole lot of solutions. So these are the signs you are feeling insecure in a relationship, and now it will help you to understand yourself easily.

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