20 Happy 1-Year Love Anniversary Quotes

It is often said that the first year of a relationship is the most critical because that is when the two people involved start showing their true selves. It is definitely among the natural stages a relationship goes through. The one-year anniversary is the celebration of having known each other for a longer amount of time and still being able to be happy about it. Often a couple will start forgetting the key benefits of attentive listening and about striving to make their voices heard. If you are one of those lucky ones that is in a position to be happy about celebrating your one year love anniversary, then you should make an effort to say something special to your loved one.

That is why we give here 20 happy 1-year love anniversary quotes so that you can express what you feel to your loved one. Saying what you feel and making the other person feel good about them, is one of the ten aspects that can help create a lasting and loving relationship.

Here are 20 happy 1-year love anniversary quotes that will help you celebrate your love and your life together:

When I met you for the first time, there was a small voice inside me that told me that you need to grab as much time as possible with him. I am so happy that l listened to that voice because the more I am with you, I feel that even a lifetime together is not going to be enough.

Our eyes met, our souls knew that it was meant to be even before our words could meet. The day we met will be a gold-letter day in my life. I hope that I have made you feel as special as you deserve to feel. This is just the first year and like wine, our love will only become better over time.

There are some loves that make no sense but still seem to thrive and ours is one of them. When we got together, everyone believed that it would never click and that we are committing the biggest mistake of our lives. But never has anything felt so right.

The warmth and the feeling belongingness that I feel when I am with you is something that I have always sought from the time I was born. It is only when I met you did I realize that my life until that point has been incomplete.

You are friend, you are my shoulder to cry on, and you are the person whose arms I seek when the world gets to be too much. You have been there for me and I hope I have returned the favor.

True love is not something that happens by chance. I believe that it is our choice to be happy together is what makes this a great relationship to be in. I just wanted to thank you for choosing me to be happy with.

When I first met you, I could not wait to be with you for the rest of my life. People cautioned me that reality would be vastly different from my dreams and it is. Real life is indeed much better than any of my dreams. I am so happy that only one year is over because we have the rest of our lives to look forward to.

A couple is supposed to be one representative of two different people. But the way I see it on our first love anniversary is that not only are we a couple but we are more than a sum of our selves.

Being with one person for the rest of my life was a scary thought for me. However, you have changed all that; now the thought of a life without scares me a lot. Be mine, today and for all the tomorrows.

When I look at you two on the eve of your first love anniversary, it gives me confidence that true love does exist and that I should hold out for nothing less. Thank you and wish you a happy anniversary for today and the years to come.

I am so happy that we have chosen each other to grow old with. The past year has proven that every moment with you is going to be filled with memories that make me smile. Looking forward to miles of smiles with you.

You fill me with sweet romance and you feel that every step I take with you is like a dance. Life is not without pitfalls but when you have a parachute like we do have in each other, there is no fear but only anticipation.

The fact that we are born in pairs who are just waiting to meet each must be true. But only a select few do meet their soul mate and I believe we are two of the select few.

Love’s end does not have to tragic and every moment that is good does not have to magic. There is a lot to be said about being in love and wanting to be peaceful together. Thank you for being my sea of tranquility.

Colors have become brighter, music more melodious, and all senses sharper since you have come into my life. I hope that I have been able to do the same for you. Happy first anniversary of our love for each other.

Genuine happiness is waking up in the morning to see your cute face smiling at me. It has been one year since I have had the pleasure; here’s hoping that we have the rest of our lives together to enjoy this privilege.

Thank god, destiny saw fit to throw each of us in a space where our paths crossed. I hope that everyone who is here to wish us for a happy anniversary finds love like ours.

The day you came into my life was the day I started living my life in color; till then my life was monochromatic. Now it has become loving and romantic.

True love like ours takes time, effort, and commitment. I am happy we dedicated time, effort, and commitment to make this work as this has been the best year of my life.

Our first of love has been a rollercoaster ride with thrills and chills but I am glad I had you by my side through it all.

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