10 Countries Where Coniferous Forests are Found

Before we start on the countries where coniferous forests are found, we need to understand what is a biome. This is the term used to describe a particular place’s natural features that has an effect on the animals, greenery, and environment of the place. There are many biomes across the globe that cover the whole range from the frozen tundra to the driest of deserts. Take for instance coniferous forests that have a different biome. The first thing you should remember when you look at forests, whether coniferous or not should be protected. You should read these eye-opening slogans on save trees if you still feel that this is not a serious matter.

Countries Where Coniferous Forests are Found

Like there are countries where deciduous forests are found and more about them, there are some countries where coniferous forests are found. The coniferous tree gets its name from the seeds that are cone shaped. You will find coniferous trees in areas where the winters are long and the summers shorter. Which means that you are most likely to be found in the northern hemisphere though some of them are in the southern hemisphere as well.

Trees like pine, fir, spruce, etc., comprise about one third of the forests in the world and most likely to be found in abundance in the parts of Asia, North America, and Europe. Most of the trees in coniferous forests are evergreens and are considered to be among the trees with longest lifespans and the toughest. Their leaves which are needle like have a waxy layer on them to ensure that they do not lose moisture during the cold freezing weather. The branches on these trees are soft and tend to be flexible and pointing downwards as a way of making sure that the snow slides away from them.

As coniferous forests can be found in different regions, the type they are, depends on the climate.

The temperate coniferous forests are found in areas that have lots of rainfall, warm summers, and cool winters.

Tropical and sub-tropical coniferous forests are to be found in places in the tropical latitude, with climate being more humid.

The boreal forest is a biome that is found in places with extremely cold winters from Siberia to Canada and the summers here range from extremely hot to mild.

You can find temperate coniferous forests in the following places:

• Caledon, UK
• The Alps (Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Austria
• Carpathian including Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland
• China
• Kazakhistan
• Mongolia
• Russia
• Afghanistan
• Pakistan
• Iran
• Japan
• Morocco
• Tunisia
• Algeria
• Himalayas
• Canada
• Coastal areas of USA

The tropical coniferous forests can be found in:

• Indonesia
• Philippines
• Mexico
• Bahamas
• Dominican Republic
• Bermuda

The temperature in coniferous forests would differ based on where the forest is located:

• Temperate coniferous forests experiences seasonal changes with moderate temperature. Depending on where it is based, the temperate areas have colder temperature or greater rainfall.

• Tropical coniferous forests would have a tepid and moisture laden climate with the temperatures on the hotter side.

• Boreal coniferous forests are pretty extreme with really cold weather and summers being hotter than other places.

Rainfall is the means for water in most places and the levels that coniferous forests get would differ according to the region and is very important for growth of trees. Temperate coniferous forests would have average precipitation. Tropical forests have a higher level of moisture which would differ based on the location. The boreal coniferous forests would see rainfall mostly in the months of summer.

Trees found in coniferous forests:

White spruce: The white spruce has light leaves and a lighter colored trunk
Black spruce: The name of the tree come from the trunk and leaves that are dark and is found in North America and is part of the boreal forest
Larch: This species of tree maybe small in size but it is durable and you can find different types of these trees in the boreal forests’ coldest parts
Lodgepole pine: This pine was named by the native Americans as they used the trunks to support their lodges and can be found in the forests of North America.
Jack pine: These trees are found on slopes and places where the land is not flat
Balsam fir: This tree has earned a lot of fame as it is used for Christmas trees and can be found in North America
Eastern white pine: These trees are known for growing really old and you can find them in North America
Bunya pine: This tree is bigger in size and can be seen in Australia and the wood from this tree is used for many purposes
Yew: These poisonous trees can grow to be thousands of years. You can find them in some parts of Asia and Europe
Engelmann spruce: This tree can be found in Colorado and some parts of North America
Douglas-fir: These trees are known for their width and height which is pretty big
Red cedar: This can be found in many locations across the globe and looks bushy.
Hemlock: Not the plant but the tree can be found in the colder areas of North America and Asia.

Redwoods: These huge trees can be found in the Pacific Northwest and parts of California
Giant sequoia: These are counted among the oldest and largest trees in the world
Siberian pine: These sturdy trees have the tendency to grow at a slow pace but also live longer
Parana pine: This is a tree that is found in higher heights on the hillsides in areas of South America
Kauri pine: This conifer mainly seen in New Zealand has been protected as it has been over-harvested

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