Quit Bad Habits—Learn How to Do That

It is very unfair that bad habits have the habit of sticking to us like burr only after a couple of times while good habits are the devil to get rid of. We can all agree that forming good habits is not easy as is getting rid of the bad ones. The thing is we do not have access to magic, which means that we have buckle down and try really hard to get rid of a bad habit the good old fashioned muggle way. It may take some effort like the healthy habits for a strong couple relationship but you can do it. You can look at your track record of how you formed good habits and learn from that to get rid of bad habits or convert them to good ones. One of the ways to do this by picking worthy hobbies that will keep you sane and can be lucrative.

But we are getting ahead of us; let us take it in a systematic way. Let us look at seeing how to quit bad habits and learn how to do that.

Comprehend that a habit does not define you: When you have a bad habit, like for instance you are untidy, you tend to get into the habit of being untidy at work and home. You simply assume that is what you are but that is not true. The first step you have to take in the right direction is to understand that being untidy is just a bad habit and not who you are. You need to have a more positive outlook and understand that simply because you have bad habit does not mean you are a bad person.

Don’t give up: You need to exercise a great deal of willpower to keep on persisting because bad habits are not just easy to get rid of. You need to hang in there and keep pushing to get rid of a bad habit. In many instances, it may take a lot of tries and many temptations to give in and go back to the bad habit, but you need to not give up and keep hanging in there.

Move on by doing some other activity: One of the ways you need to do to get rid of your bad habit is by replacing it in your daily routine with some positive activity. While changing the whole of your routine may not be possible, you can make a few small changes to accommodate your good habit in place of your bad habit. This would mean that your bad habit gets displaced by the good one.

Note the problem: One of the ways to look at a bad habit with the view of getting rid of it is to detail it out. It will help you understand what are the triggers and how you feel when you are indulging in the bad habit. The whole point of this exercise is to diffuse the circumstances that push you to take up the bad habit and understand why you do it.
Create boundaries to help you stay away from giving into the habit: You can make some things off limits to ensure that you do not indulge. For instance, your bad habit of eating unhealthy snacks at bedtime can be avoided by saying that you will only eat on a plate and while seated at the dining table or area.

Take it slow and keep your mind uncluttered: We often tend to go back to familiar routines which tends to enable our bad habits. For instance, the habit of buying random things online without thinking it through can be a strain your budget. Be cognizant of when the impulse strikes you and ensure that your bank cards are kept away. Think your purchase through before you click to order.

A reminder of the decision to change and why also helps: You do need to learn self-control when it comes kicking bad habits off. But that does not come easy; you can however do this by reminding you of the reasons why you wanted to do this. Thinking back to the reason you had decided to kick the bad habit will have you backing away from the temptation.

Keep away from the situations that can tempt you: While having a strong willpower is all well and good, it also makes sense to keep away from temptation. You can break the pattern to ensure that you don’t give in. This can be a big help in breaking the bad habit and ensuring that you develop some self-control.

Seek help from your close circle: Include your friends in your decision to kick the bad habit. They can reinforce the reasoning behind your need to quit the bad habit and protect you from tempting situations. They can gently but firmly help keep you on the straight and narrow by being there for you.

We are sure that this article on why you need to quit bad habits and learning how to do that would be very useful to you.

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