The Natural Stages a Relationship Goes Through

You may have had this experience personally or heard your friends talking about the high they experience in the beginning of the relationship. This is the high of the infatuation stage where everything is charming and lovable. While all of us would hold on to the magic and high of the initial stage of the relationship, it is just not possible to do so. This is because the inevitable truth of most things in life is that nothing lasts forever. Like other aspects of life, a relationship would also go through stages, which include both highs and lows. As you go through the various natural stages, a relationship goes through.

Like it is important to know the triggers for family and relationship issues, it is good to know what stages your relationship is likely to go through so that you can deal with it.

The Natural Stages a Relationship Goes Through:

The infatuation phase: When you enter a new relationship, the heartbeat quickens, frequent thoughts of your beloved, and the need to be around him or her at all times. This is aptly called the ‘honeymoon stage’ where you seem to crave to be around your lover at all times. At this stage, you do not have to resort to knowing how writing love letters can improve your relationship because you are already at that stage. The state of mind you are in at the early stages of a relationship has been likened to the kind of high you get from using cocaine according to some studies. During this stage, you will want to exaggerate your partner’s qualities and see only his or her positive attributes.

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When reality starts sinking in: When the honeymoon stage starts gradually coming to an end, and the reality of the relationship starts to sink in and you notice many things. At this stage, you are likely to be more realistic in the way you see your partner, which includes becoming aware of his or her flaws. You will be able to see his or her quirks and realize the differences between the two of you. You will start noticing the things that annoy you and this can be a bit of a shock. You will have to think along the lines of what to do when life does not turn out the way you wanted it to be.

Mundane life begins: When we use the word mundane, we do not mean to imply that life gets boring but that at this stage of your relationship, you are calmer. At this stage, you start accepting the differences between what your partner’s character is all about and what you thought it was. You start accepting that he or she is what he or she is.

This means that your relationship moves to a more comfortable phase and you settle into daily life. While you do not have the thrill of the earlier stage, there is a certain peace and calm to this stage. You will learn why having healthy family relationships is so important. You will have to start thinking about interesting activities that you can do together to keep the spark going.

The rebirth: When you go through ups and downs with a partner whom you love, you will realize how important he or she is in your life. You soon realize that the reasons that you fell in love with him or her still apply. You will realize that your partner though not perfect is the one who will support you through the different stages of life and all the curve-balls it throws. This can lead to a rekindling of a positive feeling and rebirth of a deep love. You will learn about personal space in a relationship and find out why it is important.

The birth of true love: This is the stage where the bonding deepens and as we said earlier, can result in the love a lifetime. There is a good chance that your relationship goes through these stages all over again. Nevertheless, the rate at which they occur and the sequence could also be different.

Most people have a hard time with their relationships because they do not understand its natural progression. They either want to be stuck in one phase or expect perfection from their partners. However, what they do not realize is that perfection is subjective and that they themselves are not perfect. It is important to be cognizant of the various stages of a relationship and handle them with care.

You can be sure that learning about these stages can be a right step in the right direction but that is not all. You need to apply what you learn. Tell us what you think about the natural stages your relationship goes through.

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