List of 10 Extinct Animals in the Last 100 Years

You have heard of animals that used to exist in the past that no longer walk the surface of the earth. But we often do not take these stories to heart since,in most instances, the stories are about animals like dinosaurs that have been extinct for a long time now. And when you watch movies like Jurassic Park, you are almost thankful that these animals are extinct because it would be very difficult to think of co-existing with them. However, there are heartbreaking deforestation facts to be concerned about as these have affected animals in the not-so-distant past.
Not only deforestation,but other factors are also working to make many animals extinct. You will be shocked to learn more about the list of 10 extinct animals in the last 100 years in this article.

You just have to look at heartbreaking images of water pollution. Even this could have an effect on the state of nature today as the earth and water are two important factors in the future of our planet.

List of 10 extinct animals in the last 100 years:

The California Grizzly that went extinct in 1924: The grizzly of California that is the state symbol can be differentiated from the other grizzlies in terms of size. The California grizzly is supposed to touch eight feet in height and weigh as much as two thousand pounds. The Grizzly was last spotted in 1924 in the Sequoia National Park has not been seen since.

The Newfoundland Wolf that went extinct in 1930: The wolves are known to have traveled to Newfoundland in the last ice age all the way from Labrador. The settling of wolves in the locality caused problems for the people living there in the eighteenth and nineteenth century by killing the livestock. This,in turn, resulted in farmers hunting them down, which many said was the reason for the extinction. However, it was later concluded that the decline in Caribou population could have led to the wolves going extinct.

The Tasmanian Tiger that went extinct in 1936: Do not be confused by the accompanying picture as the Tasmanian Tiger had more in common with Kangaroo, being a marsupial itself. This animal had a pouch to carry its young and would survive by hunting small animals and birds though it started to eat sheep and other farm animals after large areas of Australia were colonized. The competition with Dingoes for survival is believed to have led to the extinction of these animals.

The Bali Tiger that went extinct in the 1940s: The Balinese tigers were supposed to be closely related to the Javanese tigers, which are also extinct t. The Bali tiger was smaller in size and a darker orange in color when compared to other tiger species. This species is supposed to have gone extinct due to hunting and loss of habitat.

The Guam Flying Fox that went extinct in 1968: This bat has a large wingspan of almost seventy centimeters and was a vegetarian. It would survive by consuming fruits, flowers, and other vegetation in the forests of North Guam. The bat is supposed to have gone extinct as it was considered a source of food locally and with the introduction of the predatory brown tree snake into the environment.

The Cuban Ivory Billed Woodpecker that went extinct in 1990: Though there was a lot of concern around the survival of these birds even as far back as in the 1940s, not much was done. There was a movement to save these birds in the 1950s, which was lost due to the political turmoil in Cuba. Though a bird or two have been spotted till the 1990s, it is believed to have gone extinct as a result of the advance of the forestry ministry.

The Jamaican Giant Galliswap that went extinct in 1996: Many animals and species that have gone extinct have gotten sympathy but this one may not because of its lack of cuteness. But we have to give serious consideration to any species that goes extinct like these lizards. Though not much is known about why they went extinct, it is believed to be the mongoose, which is a predatory species played a major factor.

The Zanzibar Leopard that went extinct in 1996: Actually when you read this heading, you would think that the year 1996 is not a good one for these animals. However, the Zanzibar leopard is considered extinct because not a live one has been spotted since 1996. This native of Unguja Island is known to have become extinct as it was considered a threat to livestock and due to many superstitious beliefs and thereby hunted down.

The Baiji river dolphin that went extinct in 2006: This is a river dolphin that is found in the rivers of China mainly in the Yangtze river. Weighing as much as 510 pounds and up to eight feet in length, this dolphin would live in small groups in the river. Their population had come down due to overfishing that resulted in the reduction of their food sources. The damming of rivers and land reclamation led to the reduction of their population which eventually led to their extinction.

The Pyrenean Ibex that went extinct in 2000 and then again in 2009: While it is not usual for most species to go extinct twice, this species was supposed to have gone extinct due to many reasons. These range from their inability to compete with other species for food sources to changes in climate. There is hope that this species can be restored in some way.

The list of 10 extinct animals in the last 100 years should be a matter of great concern for all of us because we are not talking about the distant past but something that happened very recently.

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