Want To Be Likeable? Here Are Some Things You Can Do To Make It Happen

We spend our lives looking for acceptance and liking from people around us and often feel that there is something lacking in us or in the way, they see us. This is because most people want to be liked and often do not know what they are doing wrong or why some people seem to enjoy all the attention and affection of people while they are not. Is it because the other person is prettier or more attractive? Or does this person have some power on people? This could be the case in some instances, but these are not the qualities that make a person more likeable.

In fact, making yourself likeable is very simple and needs only some efforts but the catch here is that you need to make all the efforts that you put in seem natural.  However, once you read through the tips we have shared here, you will realize that these were things that you were already aware of and had been taught as children but have since ignored or forgotten.

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Here Are Some Thing That You Need To Start Doing But In A Natural Way:

Have eye contact: Today the world is becoming a lonelier place for people with families becoming smaller and people moving away from the familiar. This means that most people around us no matter how attractive, powerful, or rich seem to crave human contact even if they are not aware of it. One of the best things you can do to provide them that in a simple yet effective manner is have eye contact with them when you are talking to them. This makes them feel that they have you complete attention making them feel better.

Keep the phone away: The smartphone has taken over our lives and our world with most tasks and conversations being carried out on them. However, while this makes our world smaller, more connected and convenient it is somehow also increasing the distance people who are physically together. That is why we feel that putting your phone away when you are talking to someone will make them feel special and you more likeable.

Address people by their name: People are social animals and beneath all the trappings of technology and materialism, we all crave to be acknowledged. That is why when you have a conversation with someone make sure that you address by their name and use it in the middle of conversations when you feel it is needed. People always respond better to the personal touch and develop warmth to the person providing it.

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Smile warmly: The value of a smile can never be underestimated especially when it is warm, genuine and from the heart. When you smile at someone, their natural response is return it to you though today people are learning to be more wary in this aspect. However, when you are seeking to becoming more likeable, one of the simplest things to do is offer people a nice smile showing them that you are glad to have them here.

Firm handshake: We have talked about eye contact, more attention span, a warm smile and now we are proceeding to the next logical step, which is the handshake. When you meet a person, it is the convention to greet them by shaking hands with them. While this seems like a simple enough thing to do, many people get this wrong. They either hold their hands in a limp way or make it a competition to see who can crush whose hands or make the contact very peremptory. Instead, smile at the person with eye contact and extend your hand to hold the palm of the person for a couple of seconds before letting go.

Listen: Another tip that will make you very likeable is if you listen to what people have to say with an open mind, a suitable expression on your face and respond appropriately when called for.  We know that most people are waiting for human contact so that we can express what we feel or want to say but the result of this is we have become very poor listeners. One of the things that will help you become more likeable is being a good listener.

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Listen and respond: This may seem an extension of the above point, which it is to a certain extent, but the point we are trying to make here is that once you have listened to the person, you will need to respond. And you will have to respond with empathy and sympathy for what the person has said. Because being nice may be overrated but it still works and you will find people flocking to you when you do this.

The tips we have given above are simple and mostly known to us but we are reiterating these points because in our bid to get ahead we seem to have forgotten these simple things that can make life better for us.

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