40 Old Traditional Tattoo Ideas that are still Alive

Tattoos have become a fashion staple nowadays. Today we have so many options of tattoos to play with but if we turn back towards the history of tattoos then we will find that Traditional tattoo or the Classic tattoos or the Old School tattoos are the proud forebearers of our modern day jazzy tattoo designs.

These specific kinds of tattoos include certain black bold lines and incorporate limited color palette. Traditional tattoos often feature very bold and vintage sort of motifs and they are no doubt very eye-catching. If you are also a fan of those bold and beautiful strong kinds of worldly symbols then you will surely find this article very interesting as today we have come up with some very innovative ideas of Traditional tattoos. Let’s have a look.

Old Traditional Tattoo Ideas that are still Alive:

Mermaid Tattoos:

Mermaid is a symbol of femininity, sexuality, and love. If you are also an admirer of those beautiful mythical creatures, then go for one interesting mermaid tattoo. The mermaid designs come in all sorts of styles and colors so go for your customized mermaid tattoo and flaunt it proudly.

Eagle Tattoos:

Bird tattoos are commonplace in Traditional tattoos and eagles are the most famous among them. A large eagle with its strong wings flung out into the air does not only look gorgeous but also is an epitome of masculinity, power, and elegance. You can also pair the eagle with a snake which represents the victory of good over evil. An eagle tattoo looks great when inked with lots of black, white, gold and red in it.

Rose Tattoos:

Can anything be more beautiful than a fully bloomed rose? no certainly not. Then when talking about the traditional tattoos how can we not mention this epitome of beauty? Rose tattoos are the most famous and most popular tattoos all over the world and they come in all sorts of sizes and color schemes. They can be placed on any parts of your body and for some variation, go for rose designs mixed with quotes, butterflies or crosses. You will love it.

Anchor Tattoos:

Your passion for the sea is best revealed when you ink yourself with a lovely anchor tattoo. They are an inseparable part of the tattoo history since ages and in real past, this tattoo was very famous among the sailors. After that, it has come a long way and has become a fashion and style statement. Flaunt a vibrant colorful anchor tattoo on your bicep and get compliments in no time.

Heart Tattoos:

Heart tattoos are absolutely versatile and the most loved tattoo designs. You can go for very minimalistic heart design and even choose the most complex design according to your preference and you will find each and every design to be very appealing and meaningful. Small heart tattoos look great on your wrist or ankle and the bigger ones are definitely the most attractive while you ink them on a wider canvas like your belly or underboob regions.

Traditional tattoos date back to hundreds and thousands of years. Though in American history of tattooing, it is relatively newer and was mainly popular among the sailors. But lately, it has been making a popular comeback and as they are very bold and strong, they are often very authentic and strongly emotive. Go for elaborate designs while you ink them on your back or choose the dainty designs for your under ear area or side of fingers. Traditional tattoos are beautiful and versatile so gift yourself one and be a fashion icon for sure.

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