40 Lovely Ankle Tattoo Designs for this Year

Smaller things are always cuter and prettier and a small tattoo on your ankle can help you to put your best foot forward. The idea of ankle tattoos is popular among women since time immemorial and ankle is among the most comfortable areas to go for a permanent inking. These tattoos significantly change the way you walk.

Ankle tattoos come in all the different shapes and sizes and you can incorporate pretty much every motif from shining stars to the flock of birds flying in unison to the tiny hearts. Not only they are cute but they also add some sex quotient to your look. So get a well-pedicured foot and go for a sexy ankle tattoo and couple it up with a trendy shoe to complete the whole look.

Lovely Ankle Tattoo Designs for this Year:

Scorpion Tattoo:

A diminutive black scorpion on your ankle can never go wrong, believe us. A black scorpion often portrays how strong you are from inside. If you don’t want to play monochrome, mix and match with black, red and brown and give your tattoo more realistic look. Scorpions are powerful and dangerous and are believed to increase your might and strength by many times while you paint it on your body.

Animals On Your Ankles:

Up for some more trendy and cute ideas? Check this idea of animal tattoos. They are adorable and equally unique. A small version of panda or acute giraffe-have your own favorite animal inked on your ankle and adore it every moment you look at it. They are surely the animal lover’s best ‘go to tattoos’ and the miniature version of the animals won’t disappoint you at all.

Flower Tattoo:

To satisfy the feminine side of yours, you can go with the lovely flower tattoo idea and can get a beautiful, red vine flower on your pretty ankle. Apart from roses, you can try magnolias, dandelions and much more. They are breathtakingly delightful and cool. While going for a flower tattoo, you can use your entire ankle area as a canvas and can go for Henna/ Mehndi designs for a gorgeous, decorated foot.

The Dainty Motifs:

Not so much into the heavily decorated, complex tattoo ideas and looking for some dainty tattoo designs for your ankle, here we have that also. A simple tiny heart or a not so common, headstrong pineapple or an adorable moon or a sunshine and wave tattoo for all the positive vibes in your life, this category of ankle tattoos is our personal favorite. If you believe in the ‘less is more’ concept then ink your ankle with these cutesy, interesting pieces of tattoos and make a big statement.

Musical Notes Ankle Tattoos:

The best part about the ankle tattoos is that there are plenty to choose from and to end our list, we have pretty musical notes tattoo ideas for you guys. Either a single note or a series of notes around your ankle, whether the monochrome detailing or filled with splashes of colors – musical notes look attractive in any design as they themselves are so fantastic to look at. Glam up your ankle with these divine alternatives we have.

A pretty tattoo on your ankle or around your ankle can be really attention-grabbing and flirty. Although the inner ankle is the most preferred area, you can readily ink your outer ankle as well. For more elaborate designs go for an around the ankle design incorporating dream catchers, pearl and star motifs in it and it will look as pretty as an anklet. Hope you got found some inspiration from our ideas of ankle tattoos.

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