Put That Spark Back in Your Marriage – Learn How?

The day a couple look lovingly into each other’s eyes to say “I Do” looking like a lovely prince and princess surrounded by people close to them is magical. At that moment, it is impossible to imagine anything going wrong. They feel that the magical moment of love and harmony they are feeling right then is going to last them for a lifetime. However, life can be cruel and they will have to face reality, which can be harsh. It is not uncommon for couples to feel as if they are drifting apart. Many couples tend to think of this status quo as a given and compromise. However, there are many couples who take negative and hasty decisions after the loss of their spark. But if you want to learn how to put that spark in your marriage, please keep on reading.

It is not all that difficult and all it needs is to keep an eye out for triggers for family and relationship issues.

Go back to basics: The first step is to go back to your dating days and think about what made you fall for each other in the first place. There must have been something really special about your other half that would have made you take the relationship to the next level. There is no time to think my marriage is not working – tell me what to do. If anything, you are the best person to determine what needs to be set right.

Start by going back to those thrilling days where each glance and touch had flirty connotations and you had to work hard at ensuring that your heart did not flutter all the time. Flirt, laugh and make special plans to be together. Let your spouse know that you think he or she is special and sometimes let your eyes do that talking instead of being explicit. Let the unsaid have a lot of impact and even plan a couple of date nights to reignite the spark.

Notice each other: Sometimes putting the spark in your love life or married life is all about paying attention to each other. Often the cause of a rift can be as simple as forgetting to notice each other. Always look at the positives like the way he or she makes your favorite hot beverage in the morning or the way she or he cooks a meal for you. It is not that hard to learn some tricks to keep your marriage fresh and happening.

Once you do something nice for your spouse, they will thaw and soon they will be reciprocating in kind. We are sure that you do a lot for your spouse and feel put upon when it goes unnoticed. While this maybe true, your spouse may be feeling the same way about the kind of things he or she does. Make it a point to pick up something positive about her or him and tell them that you appreciate it.

Become touchy-feely: Marriage is a culmination of a lot of factors and one of the important factors is the physical aspect. Many times, couples lose track of this aspect and do not touch each other enough. This results in lack of intimacy, which can drive them further apart. One of the ways this kind of problem can be overcome is by starting to touch each other again. Simple affectionate touches can lead to a lot of intimacy and closeness even if it does not result in making love.

You want to be loved and appreciated you can find out how by trying these simple things like appreciation, touches, and consideration. You can never underestimate the importance of having a good sex life and chemistry going on between the two of you. This is what will ensure that you do not take each or your own appearance for granted.

A marriage can be a lot different from the time when you woo each other but that does not mean that it has to be bad. It is just a different stage of your life where you let go of insecurity about one another, which is a good thing. But on the other hand, a lot of the way you used to make an effort to make things special may also come down. What you need to do is ensure that you assure your partner that they mean the world to you.

Think of your spouse as that special friend whom you value above all and a partner for life. No matter how fraught the situation becomes due to the normal stress of life learn about words to avoid to get ahead in life and your relationship. When you learn about their impact, you will use them with care. It is not about pretense but about being considerate and caring.

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