Life Hacks To Play The Mundane Game Of Life To Win At All Times

Have you ever imagined that life is a game and that you are just but one of the players? We are sure many of us have done that. In fact, in times of despair, we often imagine that God is the master chess players, the world a chessboard, and we all nothing but pieces on the board that he moves around. However, jokes aside, the fact is that it would not be entirely wrong to consider life like a game, albeit a game that one plays with passion and with all his or her heart. This is because the more serious you take life, the lesser you are likely to enjoy it. In addition, as you may have heard life is for living to the fullest and too short to be taken with a serious point of view.

We are not advising you to play life off as a game but that if you take the gaming point of view then the mundane aspects of life could seem more interesting. Life can be mundane, especially the daily aspects of it that have to be repeated on a regular basis. The sheer boredom of settling into an adulthood routine of getting up at a particular time, taking care of your personal hygiene, arranging for food, ensuring cleanliness around your home and belongings, keeping up schedules, making sure things are stocked etc. are minutiae that make life boring.

vacuuming the house

Here Are Some Life Hacks To Make These Boring Aspects Of Life Into A Game And Play Them To Win At All Times:

Time it: The thing is that most of the mundane and routine tasks we do at home often become a burden because we spend a lot of time thinking about doing them but not exactly doing them. That is why you will need to time your chores to know the quickest you can finish them. Just to make things interesting, you will need to top your own speed records for mundane things like vacuuming.

Twist it: Another way to play the mundane aspects of life is by adding a twist to your daily chores. For instance, doing vessels can be done in a different manner like doing only odd number of cups or starting with the smallest items and then moving on to bigger vessels when you are doing the dishes.

cooking at home

Add variations: Try to make your ironing sessions into a manicure for your hands by applying cold cream to your hands, wearing cotton gloves, before you start ironing your clothes. The same way something like making a salad for dinner can be varied with the help of various dressings. It is only when things fall into a rut do they become tiresome and boring.

Dance and do: The thing is when we do household chores like cleaning the floor or dusting the shelves we tend to do it in a straightforward way. You should try to make this one of the things that every grownup should do to feel young and dance to music even as you do these chores. You will soon find that the simplest of chores become interesting and in fact, you will find yourself looking forward to doing these things around the home.

Multitask: While we are giving you some hacks that are supposed to make daily and mundane chores around the home are all fine sometimes time can be the major roadblock to getting these tasks done. In such cases, you will need to know how to multitask. Approach the list of chores that you do with a tactical approach and do things that go well together simultaneously. For instance, you can combine cooking with cleaning by setting things in the oven or cooker and then get on with the task of cleaning, finishing both at the same time.

ironing at home

Change name: Let us face it; some tasks are boring no matter what twists and turns you give them. In such cases, the thing you need to do is change the name of the task. While this sounds childish, it could work and make you look forward to doing it. For instance, vacuuming can be called climbing Mount Everest or skiing or some other activity that you are fond of.

The thing is life is full of many chores, tasks, and projects that may not really strike your fancy but they are essential to have a nice life. This is a part of our adult lives and the proportion of mundane tasks increases the older you get and more advanced in the various stages of life you get to. Many people even feel that these mundane tasks are the factors that stand in the way of our enjoying life to the fullest extent but the opposite is true. Which means that you need to know how to deal with them in the quickest and most interesting way possible.

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