40 Best Polynesian Tattoo you shouldn’t miss

If you have a great love for tattoos, it’s almost impossible that you have never heard about Polynesian tattoos. But today you will know what it actually is. Polynesian tattoo comes from the ‘Polynesian art’ which is a very ancient art form emerged from various parts of Polynesia, a group of islands scattered over the Central and Southern Pacific Ocean. Now that’s a really fun as Polynesian tattoos are very interesting and rich in artistic values. So getting a tattoo of it will obviously make you special.

Long years ago, these Polynesian tribes used art as their medium of communication and identity. This slowly developed into a rich art form which was also used as a body art. Now as they used it with a meaning behind it, it is said that Polynesian tattoos are very meaningful and you have to really know what your tattoo design means in actual.

Best Polynesian Tattoo you shouldn’t miss:

Polynesian Turtle Tattoo:

Polynesian turtle tattoo is one of the most common tattoos done all over the world. There’s a very deep meaning behind it. A Polynesian turtle symbolizes fertility, longevity, peace, rest and foundation. It is mainly called as ‘Honu’ among the Marquesans. So if you think this is the tattoo you need, you can go for any design here.

Maori Tattoos:

The name of this tattoo comes from the Maori art which is also very famous around the world nowadays. Maori tattoos can be really fascinating if well designed following the styles. Also, do research about your tattoo design as it is very important for any tribal tattoo. Go to a perfect tattoo artist who specializes in making such tattoos and is well aware of the meanings.

Samoan Tattoos:

It is heard that in ancient Samoa, tattooing was a ritual and Samoan tattoos were done by specialized artists of that community. Samoan tattoos are today very popular and it is one that is responsible for making Polynesian tattoo reach such a bigger height. So it’s time to get a great tattoo that suits your personality.

Tonga Tattoos:

Mostly the Tonga tattoos were seen among the warriors of their tribe and it mainly consists of some geometrical patterns, for example, triangle motifs and band. Tonga tattoos also have enough contribution to make the Polynesian art so much popular around the world. So you may give it a try if you have really liked it. they are itself very bold.

Now talking about all these varieties of the Polynesian tattoo, we should say that they were great scholars of art and it is amazing that how they created such complex designs so many years ago. We are really astonished and we think it happened same with you. So Polynesian tattoos are really fantastic and frankly saying there are still trendy after so many years from their inception.

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