10 Heart Touching Songs on Climate Change

Music has always been used as a strong weapon against many of the dark sides of the society. Musicians have sung against war, politics, civil rights issues and many more. So there is no wonder that many of the songs have been written to protest against the ill handling of the natural environment that can be turned into disaster in long run. Now environmental issues are many more but one of the major concern among them is ‘climate change’. Are you familiar with the term ‘climate justice’? This term sees climate change as an ethical issue. It shows the relationship between climate change and social issues and also deals with the connection of laws to the changing climate. We will be discussing 10 such songs which have dealt with the climate change issues in this article.

Heart Touching Songs on Climate Change

1. Excuse Me Mr. by Ben Harper: This is the song from the album ‘Fight for Your Mind’ which was released in 1995. This song not only deals with the climate change issues but also it possesses broader meaning. It has shown the relationship between the climatic and social ills we face and the greed of the corporate tycoons. One of the best protest songs indeed.

2. Mother Earth by Neil Young and Crazy Horse: Neil Young has always been famous for his concern for nature. In his 1970 album, ’After the Goldrush’ he has sung for nature. In 1990’s album, “Ragged Glory”, he and Crazy Horse have sung this song where the question has been raised about the greed of the mankind which is constantly ruing the quality of nature.

3. If a Tree Falls by Bruce Cockburn: This very song protests against the ill effects of deforestation. The song lyrics and his singing are so very strong that it is sure to attract every listener’s attention. This song is from his 1988 album Big Circumstance. This song was criticized by many people for its strong metaphoric usages but it was praised by many environmentalists.

4. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) by Marine Gaye: This song from “What’s going on” of the year 1971 is very much mentioned worthy. Long before Global Warming became a hot topic to discuss, Marine showed his concern about the environment and wrote this song.

5. Idioteque by Radiohead: This song is from Radiohead’s 2000 album Kid A. This song clearly cries out about the changing global climate. This electronic track warns about the bad days to come if the ill-handling is not checked.

6. Monkey Gone to Heaven by Pixies: Doolittle is the album from the year 1989 wherefrom this track has been taken. Environmentalism is the theme of this song so it is potential enough to increase the environmental awareness among its listeners. This song discusses the damage we are doing to the ocean and the ozone layer. Such a strong song it is.

7. When You Gonna Learn by Jamiroquai: This song is from Jamiroquai’s debut album Emergency on Planet Earth. The line like “We gotta wake this world up from its sleep” surely promotes intense environmental awareness. The song shows disgust about what sort of dirty planet we are leaving for our next generations.

8. Kyoto Now by Bad Religion: Here the Kyoto addresses to the Kyoto Protocol which is a treaty signed universally to control the emissions of greenhouse gases. This song was supported by students of United States and became a protest song when US failed to sign the protocol.

9. Save Our Planet Earth by Jimmy Cliff: This is the title track of the artist’s 1989 album. This song clearly signifies how our present actions are going to affect the coming generation’s being. This song speaks about how to do climate justice by taking steps against those destroyers of the planet. This track is a groovy one which will surely gather all your attention.

10. The Shadows by Sandel: Sandel is not a much-known artist. Not much is known about her albums. But she has a YouTube channel where this song was uploaded in the year 2009. This song is an emotional one and her concern for nature is worth praising. This song showcases the harsh and sad reality about the degraded nature and what circumstances we are going to face if this situation goes unchecked.

There are many protest songs which fit this list so well but as our article is bound to list only 10 we could not mention more. Music has always been a pivotal role player in terms of raising awareness about climate change among the mass people. So let us concentrate on the lyrics and understand the inner meaning of the songs so that we eventually become more aware of the state of the earth’s environment and tend to conserve it.

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