40 Exceptional Dragon Tattoo Ideas

If tattooing is nowadays a fashion staple, dragon tattoos are the most loved tattoo designs since ages. The best part of this tattoo is that it is unisex and adds that instant charisma to your look. Having different meaning in different countries and regions, dragon tattoos mostly symbolize strength and bravery. They are also considered to be the masters of all the elements like wind, fire, water, and earth.

The most popular three variants are the Celtic dragons, the Japanese dragons and the Chinese dragons each having a different meaning. Celtic dragons are mainly the symbol of power whereas the Chinese variants stand for wisdom, goodwill, and luck. Choose your style and go for a comfortable placement. We have some really gorgeous and trendy dragon tattoo ideas for you. Just browse through them and save your chosen one.

Exceptional Dragon Tattoo Ideas:

Lizard Dragon Tattoos:

A mighty dragon tattoo but in a smaller and interesting way, the Lizard dragon tattoos are the best one to go for if you have chosen a comparatively smaller area of your body. This tattoo resembles those ancient world creatures whom we have seen in our biology books. Girls, get yourself this tattoo and be your own kind of beautiful.

Celtic Dragon Tattoos:

Want some complex designs to opt for? Go, get this ravishing dragon tattoos on your legs or biceps. Mix and match with colors like grey, brown and stone green. There are lots of splendid designs to choose from but the one with Celtic circular knots are very significant as they stand for infinity. Get infinite protection and power with this spiritual tattoo design.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo:

Unlike all the other variations of dragon tattoos, tribal dragon tattoos are also the epitome of protective and spiritual charm but their designs incorporate only some really aesthetical twisted black lines. It is best suited for the men as masculinity is kind of associated with tribal designs and masculine dragons and when both of them are included in one design, it is another level of splendor.

The Dragon Face Tattoo:

You can be a game for only the fiery dragon face and not the entire body of a dragon, then just go for a dragon face tattoo. A vigorous dragon face with his strong teeth and crimson red tongue, what else can be a more powerful design than this? This design will look best on your bare arms and it is definitely not for those who are faint-hearted.

Dragon-Phoenix Tattoo:

Well, the concept of this tattoo is kind of similar to that of a Yin-yang dragon tattoo. This tattoo balances all the powers present and gives you a perfect balance of life. A bigger version of this tattoo can be done on your wide back and the smaller one will go well with your arms. Include all sorts of vibrant and pop up colors to this design to make it as strong as you want. This tattoo is believed to provide you a perfect friendship, power, and prosperity.

A full-length dragon tattoo or a much tinier version of it, dragon tattoos are formidable and excitingly gorgeous in every shapes and style. You just need to be sure about whether you can carry a mighty dragon or not, as it should go well with your personality. Simple design to more complicated ones, one colored tattoo to multicolored ornate designs, there are pretty much all the options you have in this tattoo design. Just be confident about what you are going for and show off your mighty new friend in style.

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