40 Cross Tattoo Designs to show your Spirituality

It’s really good to show people what you love. You should proud of anything you really love and never feel shy to portray that. When you have a love for your culture, show it proudly, when you have a love for your religion, there is nothing to be shy for that. Now comes the confusion, how you can portray your love to the people around you. There are different ways and people choose it on their own. Now if it’s fashion for you, tattoos are the best way to portray your love for anything. This article is for the people who really love their religion, tradition, and culture. Cross is the main symbol of Christianity and that’s also the reason it is one of the most demanding tattoo design all over the world. But the symbol cross is not only associated with Christians, it is also associated with various cultures and traditions around the world. Beautiful Geisha tattoos for women.

Most of the tattoo design has some inner meanings hidden behind it. The cross tattoos are also not an exception. As you know cross tattoo represents a religion and obviously there will be lots of beliefs associated with it. Yes, we will obviously talk about that, but here we will also talk about the different kind of cross tattoo designs and their varieties.

Now talking about the designs, there are different kinds of cross tattoos and you will have to know about them in details before selecting a design for you. Don’t be surprised to know that cross tattoos are always not a Christian symbol. It’s also related to the many religions, cultures, and traditions that existed much before the Christianity. According to the Egyptian mythology, ‘Ankh’, a cross was regarded as a symbol of the union between goddess Isis and Osiris. According to the Babylonians, cross symbol was associated with the moon deity. There was Assyrian cross which was used to indicate the four directions. So that’s probably the reason it is such a popular symbol all around the world.

Cross Tattoo Designs to show your Spirituality:

Celtic Cross Tattoos:

The most complicated design the Celtic or you may say Irish cross is one of the most preferred Celtic tattoo design all over the world. Moreover, Celtic tattoos also look very beautiful. If you see the design, you will see a circle at the back which represents the Sun and amazingly the knotworks makes it more beautiful and unique. Have a detailed idea of Celtic Tattoos.

Christian Cross Tattoos:

As we all know, the main symbol of Christianity is cross, and this is because of Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans. The cross symbolizes the Jesus victory over death. Christianity never opposes wearing a tattoo like the Jewish religion does. There are also different variations of Christian cross symbol and you can see an example of Latin cross, crucifix, the cross of nails etc.

Combination Cross Tattoos:

Now, this is the most complicated and also the most beautiful one. Cross tattoos can also be designed in various combinations and that’s the reason it is chosen by most of the wearers. Actually, it is nothing but combining other designs like flowers, hearts, angel wings, stars and even rosary beads. Check out some flower tattoo designs for girls.

So it’s time to enrich up your spiritual self with a beautiful tattoo design that is not just a piece of art but also a token of your love. It’s the love for your religion, culture, and tradition. Cross tattoo looks very beautiful on male and female so it is not a big issue. Let us know how you liked our article and how it inspired you for your own design. Get a holy tattoo for you.

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