40 Mindblowing Semicolon Tattoo Ideas

Yes, you’re reading right, we are speaking about the semicolon tattoo. Alphabets are always part of the tattoo world but now it’s also the time for punctuation marks. Recent trends show that meaningful tattoos are very demanding and semicolon tattoo makes its place in the list. Most people will doubt about its meaningful nature but truly speaking, it’s one of the most meaningful tattoo design of the decade. Let’s have a friendly discussion over it to give you an overall idea about the idea, that deserves to be your choice.

Now semicolon is not just a semicolon as we all think, it’s also a something beyond what we can think. Actually, semicolon got its popularity when it became a part of a very popular awareness program that was started by Amy Bleuel in the year 2013. Yes, that’s a very touchy story which made semicolon the symbol of mental health issues all over the world. Amy Bleuel made a semicolon tattoo on her body after the sad demise of her father, whom she lost to suicide. She planned for an awareness program which made people prevent suicide. And nonetheless, it was
semicolon which saved much life.

Mindblowing Semicolon Tattoo Ideas:

So if you are the one who suffered from depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts and self-destruction, your only solution is the semicolon tattoo that can help you out in your way to get a fresh new life. Just for an example, you know that semicolon is always used at the end of any sentence, but choose not to do that anyway. Think your life as a sentence and when you are writing that there’s no semicolon at the end of it. Support the awareness program ‘Program Semicolon’ and try to understand the deep meanings attached to it.

Till date, the semicolon social media awareness program exists with all its pride and every single day people are taking this campaign seriously. Yes, if you have lost anybody in your life in such a sad way, you can be a part of it. If it is not so, you can also be a part of it, if you just want to stay beside the depressed people. The ‘Project Semicolon’ still exists to encourage, love and inspire the whole world. You just don’t know who can come and hold your hands. Some couple of belief can really change your life. Check out some Rose tattoos that can are really beautiful.

According to many reports, it is approx. 300 million people all around the world suffering from depression and most of them suffer this mental condition in a silence. But it’s not the way to find the solution. every problem has a solution in this world if you really want to find it. So instead of going in the wrong way, just right from this moment, you should start moving towards the right way. You should be proud that you are struggling with your mental health and when you portray it, you start inspiring others to struggle with the same condition in their life.

Talking about the design ideas of semicolon tattoos, you had a look at various kinds of inspiring ideas in this collection. Now it’s your turn to choose one for your own. You should all your creativity into it so that in the same way it inspires others. It’s such an amazing tattoo design to inspire others. Fight depression, fight self-destruction, you will automatically get your way to a new life. It’s really not that tough, life is all about experiences, some are bad and some are good. Just think of sentences, some are good and some are really bad, but both make a balance. Lead a lovely life.

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