10 Beautiful Towns for Fall Foliage

“Sing to me, autumn, with the rustle of your leaves”… yes, friends, fall is the most beautiful season with its serene beauty of nature. It is a spectacular experience to watch the trees turning into varieties of yellow, red and orange. Though this season does not last for a long time but its divine beauty makes us speechless and awestruck. Here we are going to tell you about 10 most beautiful towns during fall season whose natural landscape and flaming foliage line will leave you spellbound.

10 Beautiful Towns for Fall Foliage

1. Sichuan, China: You will experience the red and yellow foliage line along the 6.400 km long Great China Wall. Some trees will come up above the wall and will offer you a beautiful view of different shades of color. Huangshan, yet another place which offers wonderful tree-covered yellow mountains.


2. Bishop, California: If you want to see the remarkable fall color contrast then The Bishop Creek Canyon is the place for you. Get delighted by the wonderful cotton-wood trees and different colors at various elevations. By the month of October, hues of gold mixed with red reach their peak.


3. Asheville, NC: Make your trip between mid- October to late-October. The unique mountains over there and more than 100 species of leaf-shedding trees offer the most vibrant fall foliage. From late September to early November you will get to enjoy the changing color of the canopy of the trees.


4. Mono County, CA: Mono County is one of the best fall foliage destinations on the West Coast. You get to see the glowing golden-crimson fall colors and winding streams through the granite canyon and the blue sky. This combination of color will make your visit worth remembering.


5. Namiseom Island, South Korea: Though the picturesque fall beauty is associated with the West, there are some locations in the East, like this island which has plenty to offer. The red-orange-yellow leaves, the ravishing blue sky and the stand still green water will amaze the nature lovers.


6. Kyoto, Japan: Colorful fall leaves are known as ‘Koyo’ in Japanese. During mid-September to early-November the deciduous trees start to change its color and showcase a variety of browns, oranges and golds. Have a visit and treat your eyes.

7. Quebec, Canada: Oh those red and golden maple trees! In the fall season just travel to Quebec and Montreal and be a part of the nature’s beauty. You can go to Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area for bird watching or just fill your longue with fresh autumnal air.

Knowlton, Eastern Townships, Lac Memphremagog, Quebec
Knowlton, Eastern Townships, Lac Memphremagog, Quebec

8. Upper Peninsula, MI: The Upper Peninsula of Michigan which has more than 300 waterfalls showcases an immensely beautiful fall color combination. There are Fall Color Chair Lift Rides in the Porcupine Mountain Ski Area which will get you through the wonderful fall color of the western Upper Peninsula.


9. Door County, WI: It’s a region between Lake Michigan and Green Bay and it’s all about the wonder of autumn. Embrace the vibrant colors of fall, experience the crisp weather and take hikes to the forests.


10. Greenville, SC: Get fascinated by the amazing fall foliage of this site. Being located between Atlanta and Charlotte this site offers you hiking to scenic driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Autumn, the ‘cooling off ‘time is one of the most beautiful seasons with lots of colors and scenic beauty. Though it does not stay long and fades away in the arms of chilly winter yet it remains in our heart for its vibrant nature and festivity. So, pack your bag and head to these places to fully enjoy what autumn has to offer.

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