40 Cool Sugar Skull Tattoo Ideas

Perhaps you have never thought before that a skull tattoo can be so illuminating. Full of colors and creative designs that make the sugar skull tattoo one of the most demanding tattoos among the youngsters. What we all think about skull tattoos can be completely different if you have a look into sugar skull tattoos. From its inception sugar skull, tattoo designs showed a very uprising result. So this article demands a little of your time to give you a great idea of it.

Are you smelling something Mexican here? Yes, absolutely. This sugar skull tattoos came into popularity from Mexico and it’s now a hot trend around the planet. If you have a look at the artistic side of these tattoo designs, you will absolutely enjoy what they are. If you want a deadly tattoo with a touch of art in it, it’s a thumb up for you.

Cool Sugar Skull Tattoo Ideas:

Floral Sugar Skull Tattoos:

One of the most common design of the sugar skull tattoo and most popular among the females. Flowers add an extra beauty to the whole tattoo and makes the design very attractive. If you see from the other side, when you add flowers to your tattoo, you get the option to add different colors. These colors all together make a vibrant combination.

Traditional Sugar Skull Tattoos:

You can also call it as an old school sugar skull tattoo design as it follows the traditional way of designing the tattoo. You will find some vintage creativity around an old style skull. That makes this tattoo variety a bit deadly and mostly males prefer this one for the boldness it carries.

Black Sugar Skull Tattoo:

Yes, all that is you can use only black ink to design this variety of tattoo. It is also appealing but mostly preferred by the males. Females mostly go for the colorful one. Try to use proper shadings to make the tattoo look more realistic and gorgeous. When you are using only the black ink, you have to focus more on the shades.

3D Sugar Skull Tattoos:

It’s the age of different dimensions and now people want to go for something more realistic. 3D tattoos are something like that. It can give you a very realistic look with a touch of creativity. Now, 3D tattoos are very rare as it needs proper professional artists to make such a design but in actual they are really very attractive.

Creative Sugar Skull Tattoos:

As you all know that we give a special importance to creative designs in every tattoo types and this one is also
not an exception. Here we again included some most creative sugar skull tattoo design just to inspire you all with a variety of creative aspects. Make your own tattoo design with the inspiration and you will be ending up with something unique.

Meaning of Sugar Skull Tattoo:

In Mexican culture, they spend a day celebrating for those who have passed on, and that is known as the ‘Day of Dead’. They celebrate this occasion happily and the symbol of this day is a ‘Sugar Skull’. Here from the sugar skull tattoo became popular and resulting in one of the most popular tattoo design around the world. You can say it’s done with a memory of a deceased.

Now probably your ideas changed with skull tattoos. Yes, that’s the power of art and it can do almost everything possible. The most amazing part of sugar skull tattoo is that you will hardly feel anything daring about it. Maybe that’s the cause of such a sweet name. We hope your tattoo also be that sweet Dlike the name.

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