40 Creative Music Tattoo Ideas for this Year

Music is happiness, music is divine. If you are also that much passionate about music and melodies and love music to bits then music tattoos are the exact form of body modification for you. Music heals your mind and brings peace to your life. Not only that, music inspires one to live the life to the fullest.

Are you a musician or are always humming some kind of music or are always listening to something over your headphone? Then show your passion and love for this godly art and get inked with some really cool and emotive music tattoos. We have a whole new idea of fresh and heart emotive music tattoos here in this article. Browse through and choose your favorite one if you also can’t imagine your life without music. It is all about incorporating the musical elements, the notes or anything related to music in a design. So, let’s check them out.

Creative Music Tattoo Ideas for this Year:

Musical Notes Tattoos:

This is the most common and simple music tattoo variation to get inked. Choose from short, petite ranges to the big, 3D ones. Smaller music notes look very dainty when you wear them on your fingers or on the inner wrist. Even you can ink your skin below the collarbone with a pretty musical note tattoo. It is unique and fun and looks effortlessly pretty without going too much overboard.

The Heart-Note Tattoo:

Obviously, music is your life then why not incorporate your heart into your tattoo design. This music tattoo design basically includes one original music note which is very creatively adorned with a smaller or a bigger heart shape. You can splash it with color or can just go for a black and white color palette. Get artistic with your design and show the world how much you love music.

Spiral Pentagram Notes Tattoo:

Spiral pentagram is a very famous symbol of magic. If music is also a magic to you then you can probably relate to this tattoo idea. As this tattoo design is best done on a wide expansion of your body, your back is the most suitable place to go for this. Draw the musical notes along the spirals of the symbol and this is surely one of the best music tattoos we have ever come across.

Instrument Tattoo:

If your musical instrument is your best friend and you can never stay without your best friend, what about inking yourself with it? The instrument can be anything that you play. Just be sure about the placement before you get one as guitars or violins with long frets look elegant on the longer part of your arms whereas your back or the underboob area is the best part to get the piano key tattoos.

Creative Musical Tattoos:

Well, you don’t really have to ink yourself with any predesigned music tattoos. If you have that gorgeous creative imagination and if you have your own definition of music in your mind, don’t be ashamed to ink that on your skin. Your music can have distinct significance and you can associate different elements with it. Just express your thought to the tattoo artist and get yourself your own customized tattoo design.

Aren’t you already excited after going through all these wonderful music tattoos? If you are, then just rush to your nearby tattoo parlor and get inked. Your inner arm, outer arm, wrist, ankle, your back, shoulder area – every part of your body can showcase different types of music tattoos as these are very versatile. Be a little bit creative and go for some different take.

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