10 Houseplants that Improves your Indoor Air Quality

Do you know a bit about the houseplants? If yes, then there is nothing to tell about its features but those who don’t know about the houseplants should know that houseplants have a very crucial role in the house interiors. They work naturally as air purifiers and not less effective than the electric ones. They clean away all the toxins from the air and protect you from the negative effects. So those who don’t have an air purifier at home and looking for a budget friendly idea should always go for the houseplants. But before that, we will have to know the names of some best houseplants that improves your indoor air quality.

10 Houseplants that Improves your Indoor Air Quality

1. Peace Lily: It is an evergreen houseplant and very easy to take care of. This plant needs a very less water and light to stay healthy. Don’t put this plant is direct sunlight and give water once a week keeping them in one corner of your house.


2. Devil’s Ivy: This plant is also known as golden pothos and a very popular houseplant all over the world. This plant looks beautiful when kept in some hanging baskets. It cleans out benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde. Never ingest this plant, as it is toxic for us.


3. Snake Plant: It is also one of the best perennial plants know to purify air inside the house. This plant needs more light and less water to live. You can grow them inside or out wherever you want and it’s the best for the beginners. Keep your pets away from this plant.

snake plant
snake plant


4. Flamingo Lily: A houseplant which is mot popularly known for its beautiful flowers. You can keep them in your house or office indoors but it isn’t easy to grow this plant, as it needs a lot of maintenance. Be cautious, as it is too poisonous for both humans and pets if ingested.


5. Barberton Daisy: Beautiful flowering plant that is native to East Africa. It is mainly used for outdoor use but it is now being grown indoors. This will be really wise if you can keep this plant in your indoors. Keep in mind that this plant need enough natural light to grow well. It’s better to keep them near the windows or on a balcony.


6. Florist’s Chrysanthemum: Sometimes this plant is also called as Florist’s Daisy. It is also a very popular perennial plant that also looks beautiful with flowers inside the home. The flowers also brighten up your room. Keep this plant away from the pets, as this plant is very toxic for the animals.


7. Red Edged Dracaena: It is an upright evergreen shrub that grows green, yellow or cream colored leaves. Once the plant gets matured, you will see some small white flowers blooming. This plant is very popular in America. Keep it in indirect sunlight and keep the soil slightly moist.


8. Lady Palm: Keep this plant in a dark corner of your home and it will do everything. Don’t keep this plant in extreme light. This is a perennial plant, which is native to Asia, that can grow in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is regarded as one of the best houseplants to purify the air inside your house.


9. English Ivy: It is an evergreen climbing vine, which is extremely popular for outdoor landscaping. You will not have to care a lot for this plant as they can grow well on their own. Don’t grow this plant outdoors as they have spreading nature. It is always best to grow inside the home.


10. Weeping Fig: this plant can also be grown both inside and outside and mainly needs indirect natural light to grow well. Don’t keep them in direct sunlight as the leaves may burn out of that. Weeping Fig is very poisonous for the animals.


So you shouldn’t miss out these air-purifying tools inside your home. Go and grab one today from a nursery in your locations and know about all the indication to grow them inside your house. Stay in a healthy environment.

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