Why is it Necessary to say No to Animal Skin!

We humans are always very passionate about fashion. There is hard to find a man or woman who doesn’t like to look stylish and beautiful. But this fashion has led humans to do some very awkward things and today we will be talking about one of that. Animal skin a very essential element for many of our fashion accessories is our main topic today. We all know that animals are always hunted for their skin because it’s valuable to us. But it’s really very uncanny that even most of the educated people in this earth are not aware of the facts that animals face because of their skin. So read this article forward and yes, it’s the time to say no to animal skin.
According to the latest statistics, about 40000 animals are killed annually for their skin and fur. This amount is increasing day by day just because of the demand is increasing. There are lots of people waiting to buy the products with huge money, which are made up of animal skin. For those people, it doesn’t matters how these animals are killed or whether it is coming from the farm or from the wild.


Why is it Necessary to say No to Animal Skin



Today when you have ultimately come to read this article, you should know every real facts about the animal skin. The farms, which deal with animal furs, just do a torture with them. They are kept in a dirty environment and never cared for their good health. Regular trimming of their fur is also very painful for each and every animal. Also, the animals are killed in most brutal ways like poisoning, electric shock, suffocating and also by many other cruel ways. Now do you all think that you are doing all these good for the sake of fashion?
The traders, who deal with animal skin and fur, buy it mostly from the farms and the farmers here make sure that the fur is of best quality by providing better diet and proper breeding. Do you know that china take care of most of the fur needs of America. Just for this demand, many animals are beaten to death or hanged for their skin. In some cases, it has also been found that the legs of the animals are cut when they are caught in the steel jaw traps.
There are different types of traps used for different animals. And here are some of those. Conibear traps are one of the most brutal traps used to kill the animals. This is used to squeeze the neck of the animals with immense pressure. Again, the water set traps are used to kill the animals in a different way. It makes the animal struggle for life inside the water for some few minutes before drowning. In many countries for example Canada, government approved seal killing is carried out. Thousand of baby seals are killed by metal rods and we can easily see that from various sources.




But the thing is that, the wild animals have done no harm to the humans, but why we are doing so much harm to them. It’s our duty to let them live freely and peacefully. Each and every creation of nature is important in this world and as a result, ecosystem is getting tremendously affected due to the massive killing of innocent animals. We can just stop by avoiding the use of products made from animal skin. The demand will automatically lower down and that will result in less killing of animals. So let us promise that we will stop using animal products from now on just to save some innocent lives.





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