How do Palm Tress Survive Hurricanes? EXPLAINED!

Have you ever seen a hurricane in front of your eyes? If you have seen it, you know how dangerous it is. In fact, it leaved nothing on its way. Hurricane is always very intense. But you will get amazed with one thing that hurricane twist away everything on its way such as houses and tress but most of the time, one thing remains intact and that is the palm trees. But how is it possible? Is there any science behind it? Or it’s just a power of nature? Yes, the matter seems very confusing but we are here to solve it out. Learn from this article how the palm trees survive hurricanes scientifically.




First of all, you should know that trees are such creations of nature that is called as a master of engineering. Palm trees not only look good in the beach areas, but it also has some abnormal powers. According to a plant ecologist, the palm trees are something very amazing and that is just possible because of their structure. They have three distinctive features that help them to survive even in harsh storms and strong winds. They can handle Hurricanes, cyclones and even the Tsunamis. Just think about the power of a palm tree and know about their features, which make them so strong.

How do Palm Tress Survive Hurricanes

The Rambling Roots: The first thing that we will discuss about is the roots of palm trees. Most of the palm trees have short roots spread on the upper level of the soil. This works scientifically to secure a large amount of soil around the root ball of the tree. As the soil is dry it starts growing a large and heavy anchor. As most of the trees have few strong roots, the palm trees create a network of short roots over a large area, which makes a more strong base than other trees.



A Wiry Trunk: probably you have noticed that the trunk of the pine as well as oak trees grows in a radial pattern. The annual rings make a series of hollow cylinders inside each other. But the stem of a palm tree is made up of many small bundles of woody materials, which is almost like a bundle of wire inside a telephone cable. So easily, this increases the overall elasticity of the tree and as a result, it can easily bend through 40-50 degrees without breaking up. Though sometimes they get snapped in too extreme situations but it is relatively rare as they are more tough than any other plant.



Clever Leaves: According to the nature of the plants, most of the trees spread its leaves to get more and more sunlight, but the palm tree is a bit clever in this matter. Actually, the canopy also grabs wind and water apart from the sunlight and that makes most of the trees poor in their structure. Now if you see the palm trees you will find no spreading of branches and only the leaves come out from a central spine, which is much flexible. They grow some fronds and make a fine canopy but during the harsh situations, these fronds fold up and help the trees to be intact.



So here are the main scientific logics behind the structure of palm trees. We have described it in the most easiest way so that you all can understand the theory behind the palm trees, which remains intact even in powerful cyclones and hurricanes. Probably from now on, you will start growing a bit of more love towards the tress and other different creations of nature. That’s the magic of Mother Nature.




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