20 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In The World

Nature has surreal and divine beautiful creation to offer and so is called as Mother Nature and waterfall is one of them. People who witnessed the falling down of water from cliffs have enjoyed the adorable and mesmerising moment. This time we brought you up most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

Travelers and adventurous people always seek for the best destinations to visit so they can create a lifetime memory. This list will surely help with that dilemma of finding waterfalls around world.

Most Beautiful Waterfalls In The World

Kaieteur Falls:
You can find this world’s widest single drop waterfall in Amazon forest. Kaieteur Falls is four times higher than Niagara Falls and twice the height of waterfalls. Since it’s single drop waterfall so is the major tourist attraction.

Niagara Falls:
One of the most famous and with the highest flow rate and thousands of tourists visit this waterfall to enjoy the nature’s beauty. The name is Mohwak which says it’s the neck of land ‘Canada and USA’.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe:
This natural waterfall drops water from 108 m height, presents the spectacular sight of beauty.
While heading for this wonderful fall, you can see the columns of spray from miles away, you can imagine how high and wide this fall would be.

Inga Falls, D.R. congo:
With the jaw drop view of huge basin, this waterfall always attracts tourists. And ehen it comes to the flow rate; this is the largest waterfall by rapid flow rate and which surely stuns the surrounding around it.

Langfoss Falls, Norway:
It might sound Langfoss but, is ‘Long falls’. The accessibility and awesome view have listed this fall as CNN’s top most beautiful waterfalls. Anything else you want to know more? You don’t need to know, just go!

Taughannock Falls, New York:
New York has this plunge waterfall as an integrate part of state park, which allows visitors to ice skating, beach swimming, fishing and skiing.

Plitvice WaterFalls, Croatia:
Piltvice lake park houses this gorgeous waterfalls including other small and big lakes. These sixteen lakes are inter-connected by the stylish series of waterfalls sequence.

Yosemite Falls, California:
With the dropping of 2,425 m from upper to lower fall, this is the highest waterfall in Yosemite national park. Once you visit the valley you can admire the astounding beauty of falls from miles away. Do visit in May if you want to enjoy the dropping of water.

Chamarel WaterFalls, Mauritius:
Surrounded by green lush and this fall cascade down from the height of 83 m. No wonder, Mauritius has the best tourist attractions and chamarel waterfall is one of them. Cherry on cake- you can enjoy swimming in the shallow water.

Iguazu WaterFalls, Argentina:
One of the largest waterfalls in world! With the more than 200 falling drops from falling in semi circular shape and major centre of attraction is devil’s throat- a natural miracle, one of the falls which can surely stun the visitors and you won’t see such falls anywhere in world.

De Krka, Croatia:
Waterfalls, waterfalls and waterfalls! If you’re in love with waterfalls then Croatia is the country for you to visit many times. The range of mountains and many drop falls of water, allows you to have swimming as well.

Multnomah, USA:
Just a 30 min drive from the Portland and you are here! This awe-inspiring cascade lets you to admire the beauty of magnificent waterfalls and nature around it. Icy water from the elevation of 627ft height drop gives you the fantastic experience.

Cameron Falls, Canada:
View is awesome here! You better visit in June and see the magic of nature as this fall turn into pink water fall. The sediment called argillite reflects pink color when light falls on this mineral.

Nohkalikai Falls, India:
With the height of 340 meters Nohkalikai is the India’s tallest plunge waterfall. This waterfall gets the regular water since; it’s located near Cherrapaunji, which is the wettest place not only in india but on earth.

Meenmutty Falls, India
Falls is located 28 miles away from the Indian state of Kerala. You got to walk 2 miles as this place has not transportation facility here.

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon:
Hikers, this is your hot spot! This falls offer trekking to visitors and best attraction for tourists is the blue and green coloring of waterfall.

Gullfoss Falls, Iceland:
Eye-catchy view, 2 drops, 32m height with the longest drop of 21 m this place has become the attraction of thousands of tourists.

Angel Falls, Venezuela:
This is the fall from highest point! Though it has 2 drops including total height of 979 m but longest drop is 807m itself. This insane waterfall is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in world. List this for sure!

Detian Falls, China:
So, China and Vietnam share this lovely falls together and it consists two parts as one side of it is in Chine and another is in Vietnam. Definitely, this would have a huge hit for tourists.

Thalaiyar Falls, India:
You can find this single drop awesome waterfall in Tamil Naidu. Remote location to reach also aka Rat tail falls.

Visiting a waterfall is memorable and incomparable to anything. If you are planning to go for waterfalls, you can list any of above given most beautiful waterfalls in the world. And let us know if you are more names to share with us, in comment section.

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