40 Catchy ‘No Plastic Bags’ Poster Ideas

It has been also found that plastic bags have a great contribution in the climate change. They are made up of non-renewable resources like polypropylene, which is a material made from petroleum and natural gas. But production of the plastic result is creation of green house gases, which is a great factor for changing the climate. Also the plastic bags never break down in the environment. They break into small pieces and finally mix up with the soil and water, which the animals consume.






Plastic bags are also something, which increase the price of our products indirectly. For example, you don’t pay for the plastic bags directly as it is given for free from the stores, but actually, it is a complete misconception among us. Nothing is given for free and you should know that you also pay for that plastic indirectly. The small price of the plastic bags are incorporated in the price of the products, which are sold at stores.
So with so many negative effects to our environment, the use of plastic bags can’t be taken for granted. If you really love the nature and you think about the environment, you should stop using the plastic bag just right now. It will not bring a great effect in your life, as there are many substitutes available in the market, which are healthy for the environment. Go for reusable bags and start campaigning against the use of plastic bags in the society. You have seen some beautiful posters here in the collection, which will inspire you to join the movement and start campaigning against it.





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