Top 10 Natural Hot Springs Worth Travelling For

We all know that it is amazing to take a hot water bath. Your blood circulation gets improved, your blood pressure gets lowered and the list is long. What if you get to take a long bathe in the lap of nature? Yes, my friends, we are talking about the hot springs. Hot springs are created due to the emergence of geothermally heated ground water and a huge numbers of such springs are present all over the earth’s surface. If you are among those, who love to explore different shades of nature’s beauty then the hot spring sites are a sure visit for you. In this article we are going to tell you about the world’s most beautiful 10 hot spring sites which are worth travelling for. So have a look, pack your bag and set your voyage!

Natural Hot Springs Worth Travelling For

1. Landbrotalaug, Iceland: This hot pot is located in Snaefellsnes, north to Reykjavik. This natural hot water spring is not very big and it is only that wide so that only one man at a time can fit in it. This spring is just like a hole on the earth’s surface and it is 100 % natural. The temperature of the water is pleasant not that hot and it’s quite enchanting.

2. Takaragawa Onsen, Japan: This is one of the most magnificent hot springs across the world. Japan has quite a lot of hot springs but it is one of the most famous. Encircled by many trees and mountains this is one of the traveler’s favorite. There are majorly 4 hot tubs. This hot spring is said to have magical water which can heal bruises and cuts.

3. Grutas de Tolantongo, Mexico: This one is a perfect example of natural and manmade hot spring. There is a cave from where the hot water flows and there is also a river of hot water flowing from the cave. Besides there are spas and pools alongside the hot spring.

4. Cottonwood Hot Springs, Colorado: Located on the 18999 Country Road 306, just north to Buena Vista Colorado, Cottonwood is an aesthetic site. There are four or five pools of varying sizes and temperatures ranging between 88 to 104 degrees. There are also poolside cottages to stay in.

5. Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska: A hot spring resort in the chilled Alaska is so amazing. Isn’t it? Chena is Alaska’s most famous hot spring location which is famous for its magical healing mineral water. Not only that, this can be a fantastic viewing point of Aurora Borealis in the winters. This site is coupled with renewable energy projects and Aurora Ice Museum.

6. Strawberry Park Hot Springs, United States: One of the most scenic natural hot springs in the world. This hot spring resort is surrounded by magnificent mountains. After a long day of hiking and skiing this relaxing hot spring pool is such a soothing experience to have. The resort provides shuttles to and from the nearby towns.

7. Shizuoka Hot Spring, Japan: Japan is bestowed with loads of hot springs due to its geological characteristics. And Shizuoka is one of the best among them. This region is to the south-west of Tokyo, so it is easily accessible. The resorts over there provide private outdoor baths also. And the rate is appropriate to expensive. You will be provided with complementary glass of white wine while you spend your most private, relaxing holidays.

8. Mataranka Hot Springs, Australia: Only a short distance from Darwin and you are at the relaxing Mataranka Hot Spring site. Massive palm trees, crystal clear streams, soothing swimming pools of hot water, this is a place where you will love to spend your holiday times. Only at a stone’s throw distance from Roper River, this thermal pool site is a serene place to be at.

9. Pamukkale, Turkey: It is no doubt the most astonishing natural hot springs over the world. The pools are situated in the terraces which are made of carbonate minerals left by the flowing streams. The ice-blue color of the pool water will leave you speechless at times. The terraces are made of travertine (a sedimentary rock formed by the hot springs).

10. Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone: Situated in the Yellowstone National Park, Mammoth is a large complex of Hot springs. Created over a thousand of years this is the largest hot spring pools of the world. The algae, present in the hot pools colored the travertine with shades of red, green, orange.

Now as you have gone through this article you have surely got an idea about the numerous hot springs which are catered all over the world. There are many, we have just listed 10 of them for your convenience. So plan your next holiday trip to a divine hot spring site and enjoy the serenity.

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