Top 10 Most Dangerous National Parks

Actually, nature is always full of adventure and exploration and so there is danger too. National parks, which are actually made just for conservation purposes are often very dangerous. There are many national parks in the world but we hardly know about their most daring side. National parks are dense forests and hence there remains a threat for humans. But we hardly have any idea about the most dangerous national parks of the world. Here is an article, which will give you the perfect information about the most dangerous national parks around the world.

Most Dangerous National Parks

Cape Hatteras National Seashore: The beautiful North Carolina Beach of the Cape Hatteras is the next with almost fifty miles of Barrier Island, which is set aside for the preservation and recreation. This place is actually very dangerous just because of the hurricanes that comes and falls on the shore. If you are there at that moment, hardly anyone can save you out.

Rocky Mountain National Park: The national park of the Rocky Mountains, which is situated in the mountains of Colorado, is another dangerous area because of the lightning strikes. Actually, when the thunderstorms occur, lightning takes place and that is the most dangerous thing of this mountainous area. The climbing falls in this region are also very fatal.

The Blue Ridge National Parkway and All American Road: This 469 miles long road passes through the most gorgeous Smoky Mountains and the Shenandoah National Park, which as a result gives you an awesome view on both the sides. The most dangerous part of this way is the car crashes, which is very common and in the second comes the chances of homicide.


Natchez Trace Parkway: Again a 444-mile long route, which starts from the Appalachian Foothills of the Tennessee and ends at the Mississippi River. This route is being used by the Native Americans for thousands of years and now the danger arises as the route is under construction since a long time to make it safe for the Bicyclers and Drivers. So remember to keep your speed on control and enjoy the scenes passing by.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area: It is a manmade reservoir in the deserts of Arizona and Nevada. The park also includes the Lake Apache and it covers about 186000acres with water. According to the statistics, one people die every week in the Lake Mead Recreation Area. Boating Accidents, drowning, suicides and even occasional murders are the main common causes of such deaths.

The Delaware National Park and Recreation Area: There is nothing to say additionally about this beautiful park. An amazing river, which encompasses of about 67000 acres of land on both the sides of the Delaware River in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The most common cause of death here is unable to wear the life jackets while on the river and alcohol consumption also increases the risk a bit.

Olympic National Park: The beautiful park was established in the year 1938 just only to protect the primeval old growth and Rainforests in the Olympic peninsula of the Washington State. Hikers be careful as a mountain goat can easily kill you. So before attempting a climb you should very careful and get detailed information about the Fatalities.

Grand Teton National Park: If there is a word known as Spectacular, it’s the only term you can use for this Park. There are lots of things to see and specially the Teton Range. It attracts about 2 million visitors every year and the death is mainly caused by three reasons drowning, falling and Hypothermia. However, most of the deaths are because of the climbing falls.

EM71AY Horse in Grand Teton National Park; Wyoming, United States of America
EM71AY Horse in Grand Teton National Park; Wyoming, United States of America

Denali National Park Alaska: An area of 6 million acres of wilderness with only one road through it. This is known as the Jewel of Alaska. In addition, you can get a view of North America’s tallest peak, Mt. McKinley. This is the region where most of the danger death occurs. The mountain peak is a hot favorite of the climbers and most of the deaths are caused due to falling from a height.

Yosemite National Park: It is a park, which covers of about 1200 square miles of land. It is made to preserve the Waterfalls and stunning mountain vistas. The hikers face the most danger as the mountain remains very slippery which results in falling and drowning. But still the park is hugely accessible to the visitors and so enjoy your trip here but with proper caution.

All of the national parks that we have named here are the most popular attraction to the explorers and of course, the visitors who love to explore. The thing is that, you should obviously visit all of these places as they are all too beautiful, but yes don’t forget to maintain proper rules and regulation and you should also keep yourself under a lot of control. And rest all of the things will not bring any harm to you.

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