Top 10 Coldest Cities in the World

Today we will be talking about some cities that are known to bear one of the extreme situations of the earth. Yes, we are speaking about the places where even the summers are winters and there’s all about something different. Now coming to the point, we should say that every city has its own unique and outstanding characteristics and that makes the city special to the world. So just, have a look in to those cities which are full of snow everywhere, cold airy breeze to shake you out and yes of course the thermometer marking negative. Here’s a list of top 10 coldest cities in the world.

Coldest Cities in the World

1. Roger’s Pass, Montana,USA : the height of this city is 5610 feet above the sea level. It is situated just absolutely on the continental divide of the USA in the state of Montana. It is the lowest temperature recorded city in the country other than the USA. In the year 1954, the lowest temperature recorded here was -70 degree F.


2. Snag, Yukon Territory, Canada: It is a village, which is situated just off the Alaska Highway in Canada. The main characteristic of this place is the extreme low temperature. In the year 1947, the lowest temperature recorded in this city was -81 degree F. But the weather here is actually very dry and you will be lucky enough to found fog around the city all over the year.

3. Bulunkal Lake, Tajikistan: Now here’s the place, which is regarded as one of the most coldest city of the Asia continent. Yes, it is also the coldest city of the country also. Lake Bulunkal is a very popular Alpine lake and it is very popular due on of its additional characteristics. This lake was the first basin where fishing was introduced. The lowest recorded temperature is -81.4 degree F.


4. Prospect Creek, Alaska, USA: It was once the camp of the construction workers who were actually engaged in making the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System. Though it warms up during the summer time but is extreme cold during the winter. But you will find snow all over the place from October to April with February to March as the peak cold season.


5. Omyakon, Russia: Yes, we all know that Russia is famous in the world for cold temperature and it still hold the name there. Omtakon has a record of -91 degree F, which is the lowest recorded temperature for any inhabited location in the world. However, all over the world, you will not find such low temperature but the January is terrifying.

6. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: Know about the coldest capital in the world and one of the most polluted cities in the world with a massive population. It is about 1310m high above the Sea level and known for its great cultural richness. All over the year, the average temperature is about -2.4 degree F and in the winter being ready to face -16 degree F.

7. North Ice, Greenland: It is a place about which a very little is known to the world. Now it is said as the place with the lowest temperature in North America beating the Snag’s record. But it was discovered after the 1950’s. Therefore, you can make it your holiday destination anytime of the year. But yeas don’t forget to well equipped.


8. Eureka, Canada: Since its inception in 1947, Eureka is used as a weather station. It is said that there remains no sunlight from October to February. The annual average temperature of this place is about -1.8 degree F. So it you really want to have a look of a polar desert, just drop out in this region.

9. Eismitte, Greenland: Do you know the meaning of the word ‘Eismitte’? Yes, it means ‘Middle of the Ice’ in English. In the late 30’s, it was the place of expedition. But there is a great lack of information about this place. But the place is really dangerous and you will hardly find any photograph of it in the internet.

10. Vostok, Antarctica: The place, which always stays on the top, is from Antarctica. Vostok is actually the Russian weather monitoring station, which holds of the lowest recorded temperature all over the world. And yes, don’t get shocked as it’s -128. 6 F. The warmest month of this place is January and there’s a lack of oxygen.

So extremity can reach that dangerous level which you cannot even imagine. Just think of the places and people living there. Think of their lifestyle. Yes, it may be confusing but sure if possible, don’t miss out the chance of visiting any of these places once in your lifetime.

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