10 Must Watch Movies on Climate Change

Hollywood has always remained a pioneer of portraying any serious issues that’s going around the world. There are hardly any international topics that Hollywood hasn’t worked with. Nowadays, we all know that the planet in which we live in is not in a good condition due to various issues related to the nature. If we start speaking out there are plenty, such as deforestation, global warming, air pollution, water pollution and many more. Like every other time, Hollywood was also not silent about this matter. We are going through a great climate change and Hollywood came up with some amazing movies for our awareness. But, if you have missed out, you should have a look on this list of must watch movies on climate change.

10 Must Watch Movies on Climate Change

1. An Inconvenient Truth (2006): A heart touching documentary, which shows the present status of our environment. The film features Al Gore, a very popular figure known as a climate activist and a public political figure. At the end of the film, you will learn about some tips to lessen the amount of carbon in our environment and will inspire you to get in to the climate movement.

2. Promised Land (2012): The fictional movie that is based on a very controversial process of fracking. It features Matt Demon and refers to a small town that is being scouted for the process of fracking. So if you have question about the term fracking, you need to see this amazing movie and all your answers will be cleared out.

3. No Impact Man (2009): A family from New York is on a mission to reduce the environmental impact. This documentary is based on a true story and you will have real fun seeing the movie with some anthropological studies at the same time. The film will really inspire you a lot and will make you learn to plan similar thing with your family as well.

4. Cowspiracy (2014): This film will make you learn about the impact of agriculture on the global climate change. However, it is a very serious topic but you will really enjoy seeing the film. But one thing we can say you for sure that you will hardly want to eat another hamburger again if the movie has made an impact on you.

5. Six Degrees could Change the World (2008): Pure example of a terrifying movie. The film will show you the details of the world and its activities, if the temperature rose by six degrees. A beautiful movie that you can also watch with your friends. But don’t miss it out.

6. Wall E (2008): You can easily say it as one of the most profound animated movie ever made. The movie is named on the robot, which it portrays. This robot comes from the post-apocalyptic America. The robot actually quests to save the human race and a lady robot Eve, by conserving the last living plant in the universe. Be ready to cry.

7. The 11th Hour (2007): A documentary that pinched many people in this world and forced to get engaged in the environmental campaign. It will make you awake and show you the condition in which you are actually living. It gives you all the statistics about nature and of course a good message.

8. Chasing Ice (2012): This documentary movie was made by a National Geographic Photographer, who captures the time lapses of Arctic. This will let you know about the real environmental effect on climate change. The images are really breathtaking but yes, they are too scary at the same time. A big salute to the maker. If you are a nature lover, don’t miss it out.

9. Food Inc. (2008): The film actually deals with the matter of hyper consumption of food and the government’s inaction in the related matter. Beware, as the film can make you a vegetarian from the next day.

10. The Lorax (2012): A movie, which is based on the iconic book by Dr. Seuss. We can just say that the movie is well imagined and too sober. Many of the realistic matters that we are actually facing have been included n the film and you can realize how it became really true one day. Kids will also enjoy the film.

There is nothing other than films that can put that much effect on the humans. Film is a medium by which you can give every message to the people of the society. So the directors and documentary makers also tried their hands to give message to the people around the world and made them know about the situation they are actually handling. Think about the future what’s going to happen with the next generations? Have you ever thought about that? Yes, it’s time to think and raise our voice loud.

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