7 Life Changing Inventions By Blind Inventors

Disability is not about what you can’t do physically, this world has many blind people but few of them have proved that disability can never stop you from succeeding and shining as star. It’s not about physical disability instead it’s the will power, mindset, determination and insane hard work that all and always matters. Such humans are real inspiration for everyone, especially to those who know the wrong meaning of disability. Today, we brought you up the remarkable inventions that were invented by blind inventors.

Life Changing Inventions By Blind Inventors

William Moon:
He lost his eye sight at the age 21 and so decided to teach blind students. What a true inspiration and dedicated soul he was. Dr. William Moon invented a reading system for the blind, based on roman capitals. The embossed alphabets are easily understood by touching the roman capitals on paper. Hence, this invention was named as Moon system of embossed reading. However, this has been the best way for blind kids and people to learn and read, but sometimes kids could not find it easy to remember the shape of alphabets and capitals.



Louise Braille:
He did scoop the famous reading system which is widely used in world for teaching blind. Braille was not blind by birth, he lost his eyesight by accident, wish the stitching awl and this mishap changed his life but he kept on heading towards his dedication for helping humanity. Interesting fact is he used the same awl to make pattern of dots on sheet. Like William moon, he too invented a reading system, but this time it was more creative and easy to learn and remember. Braille system had dots and cells which was efficient method for anyone, of course, once you touch the three of four dots, embossed in specific way you can easily remember it.


Samuel Genensky:
Let’s meet this American computer scientist and the inventor of devices to assist sight impaired people. Though, he was not born blind but he had to get the few drops of silver nitrate to prevent the syphills from mother to child but unfortunately, chemical did not work as it should be and he lost his one eye sight vision totally but right was not that much hurt. In 1940, he learned Braille method of reading, though he was not totally blind. One day he used his father binocular to see the written texts clearly, and that’s how he got the spark to invent the camera for sight impaired person. Samuel’ camera was actually a boon for the nearly blinded people, since it’s not total blindness but nearly blind so they would act like blind people that they were not in real. That’s where the camera comes, as it can magnify the texts or signs to the people.



Dr. James Gale:
He did not discover any device but the proper way of mixing gunpowder and storing it safely.
Before this, carrying and storing gunpowder was dangerous and explosive at times. But he invented the ways of carrying it in accordance with non explosive gunpowder. He truly helped and revolutionized the success of many wars, though, many countries never adopted his brilliant proposal but even after this idea he became famous and recognized as intelligent personality being a blind man.


Michal Curran and James Tah:
Once there was music camp for blind persons where these two genius met each other first time.
Like millions of us they are also computer savvy but they had a vision and dream in mind that time. And what they did for the blind people was, is and always will be a life changing discovery and help. NVDA- non visual desktop access is something which lets a blind man to use computer easily like others.

This voice to speech program works on the user’s voice, wherever your mouse goes, hover over the screen; computer will read it and tell you. Moreover, this program does not need any specific hardware or external source to be used as you can use it with your keyboard which you already have.

Mohannad Jibreel Abudayyah:
What to say about this dedicated man, he’s a legend and symbol of conviction and hard-work.
Young engineering student has more than 20 patents but he’s popular for the insane submarine which he gifted to his king Abdullah.

2253901 27.07.2013 Дизельная подводная лодка класса "Варшавянка" в парадном строю на генеральной репетиции парада к Дню военно-морского флота во Владивостоке. Виталий Аньков/РИА Новости
2253901 27.07.2013 Дизельная подводная лодка класса “Варшавянка” в парадном строю на генеральной репетиции парада к Дню военно-морского флота во Владивостоке. Виталий Аньков/РИА Новости

His amazing creation, a submarine that can go 5,625 meter deep below sea level is yet biggest achievement. Now, he’s been inspiring and giving lectures to the new aspiring students and women in Saudi Arabia. Despite the loss of eye sight and one leg he showed what the will power is.

Ralph Teetor
He became blind at the age five but never cared to show his disability to the world as he had a dream project in his mind. He discovered the cruise control the one your car installed within. Most vehicles, especially cars are designed with this fantastic automotive feature to maintain speed.


These inspiring souls have nailed a bench mark for the world that you don’t need to be perfect to follow your dream or if it’s about serving nation. The willpower, dedication, determination is all a man needs to do which keep alive his name forever. We express much gratitude and respect to such inventors. Let us know what you have to say about the post and the life changing inventions as well.

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