Inventors Whose Inventions Have Been Suppressed

Many of scientists, engineers and researchers have served us with their life changing discovery that has been helping mankind and will always do forever. But even after that, there were also some inventions that have been suppressed, yes, you could have heard of Henry ford, founder of ford company; known for powerful engines but did you ever heard of Joseph Yater, Henry morey? You probably not! Mankind could have helped and blessed if many of inventions have not been suppressed in history. Today, we dig out the brilliant inventors who could have done something incomparable if their work would have recognized in that time.

Inventors Whose Inventions Have Been Suppressed

Henry Morey:
Nikol Tesla was his all time inspiration! In early 1900s he invented the radiant energy device that could tap energy from oscillations. Later on he also devised a device producing 50,000watts of energy for hours. So the device could also be used as mice killing weapon, as just by projecting the beam mice will be gone in no time, leaving behind the shells. Despite of such brilliant device he could not develop since he had no funding.

Charles Pogue:
This man and his invention is still facing the controversy! Charles discovered a carburetor that would enable a car to get 200mpg (miles per gallon), sounds good no? But later on, big oil company testes the efficiency and found this device results 216mpg which was impressive enough to sell it on large scale. Though, it was rumor that, carburetors were used with the tag- “Pogue carburetor, do not open” on American army’s tank during WWII. But somehow, there is no evidence, Pogue sold his invention and gained profit as well as a reputed manager post in well settled factory. Conclusion is, that invention was supposed to be hidden, if not, then why is so controversy.


Ivor Newberry:
If his invention would have not been suppressed, today we would have the best efficient vehicles on low cost which consumes low fuel. So, technically, it was the big oil companies how did not let this man’s discovery come to us. Ivor invented the device in 1930s, which could let engines use own exhaust as carburetor, so will lead to low fuel need. But, this would directly reduce the profit of oil companies so it happened.

Hans Coler:
Megnetstromapparat was his device which could created energy without any input given energy source. Yes, you too even would not get it, as the scientists and the judges who had to approve this invention. And so, consequently they denied because it was perpetual device and scientists could not understand it, believe it. But later, a new device was approved which was based on same principles megnetstromapparat worked.

Lester Hendershot:
Lester could not patent his fuel-less generator which he discovered in 1928 and attempted suicide. His son claims, as his father told himself; when he was in hospital he was threaten by a big motor corporation. Since the large corporation would have to face the million dollar loss they tried to get him down with by offering him money and by threatening him as well. Lester was totally living life dedicated to his invention.

Joseph Bascle:
Better call him ‘Bascle carburetor’ as he was the man behind reducing the pollution graph and raising almost 25% mileage of taxicabs. He surprisingly re-modified the carburetor of yellow taxicabs and it would directly helped drivers since it was money saving and eco-friendly step. But unfortunately, his work could not grow any longer.

John Andrew:
He invented a water additive to gasoline which could easily reduce the rates of gases by two scents in market and so a loss for oil companies. In fact, in 1997, he demonstrated his work before US army and it worked as well. But nobody knows where he’s gone or if he was killed.


Guido Franch:
This coal miner came up with same formula as Andrew’s was. But he got a new name, ‘mota’ and he tried finding investors for the more than forty years but could not make it. He strongly claimed he could turn water into 105 octane gasoline just by adding a green crystal into it. Though, he succeeded making millions of dollars but this ‘mota’ is no longer in existence.
Thomas Ogle:
You won’t believe he was just 24 years a school dropout young boy when he became the breaking news and headlines on news papers. This young man, in 1970s, claimed that he would enable V8 engines to attain 160 miles per gallon. But somehow, he was told that his design and patent have been already used by General Motors. After few years he died of a drug overdose.

Joseph Yater:
He invented a device which could run off the fluctuation voltage actually. US Govt. first called him for demonstration and even declared the device as ‘real potential’ but later on then denied calling it unreasonable device.

Though we tried to put as much as we can but still, there is no evidence or papers on online either about the inventors who died or disappeared. Yes, if these devices and discoveries would not have been suppressed, we would live different life. Let us know what you have to say!

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