What Would The Earth Look Like If Humans Disappeared

Have you ever imagined this thrilling scenario ever in life? Scientists and researchers of university of Denmark and also from other universities have claimed the statistics of what would happen to earth, animals and man-made creations. Definitely, the world would look like Serengeti and it would start from natural stress affects on our homes. Just imagine a world, where new species roaming around your homes, lying on bed. Mammals would discovered the cross breeding and so rare and new species of animals.

First thing first, you might be thinking how human would disappear on such a large scale. Well, it’s been very clear to the world that dangerous diseases i.e. Aids and Ebola just took away the thousands of lives at a one time. Suck kind of disease are more prone to expend in air. So, you can think about the first thing about how humans could disappear from earth. Nature never stops!
Crumbling our lovely houses to penetrating strong concrete, rotting plywood to rusting of metallic huge man-made mega structures would fall down in years.

What Would The Earth Look Like If Humans Disappeared

What would happen to our lovely homes:
In order to make it simple to everyone, so even a small kid could understand and imagine the exact same world, let’s start from the thinking how would your house look like. Just leave your house for few months and come back. You’ll get the demo what nature can do smoothly to our homes. Even though, the house was locked, but you would find the little vines crawling over walls, and unfortunately if there was a hole in roof, you would better think of leaving home permanently. Now, when humans would vanish from earth, yes, you and your family, house would be covered by grass and insects. Moreover, it depends on the climatic conditions; variation in temperature will surely attract or allow wild species to stay here. Since the PVC pipes are no more usable, no water system, pumping is working anymore. This will transform home as best fertile land to be fenced by a new dense forest in just 400 years.



Radio activity lethal to life:
Though, without humans land would deliver new forests and beautiful life fullest but still they too would have to face what humanity left them to face off. Yes, human controls and take care of deadly and powerful nuclear power plants and so we are blessed to have regular electricity in life. But, without humans, no more care and regulations, so consequently, nuclear plants will lose the ability to pump and that will lead them to release radio activity lethal to life. Now, just imagine, how many nuclear plants a county has, and the total as well.


What would happen to animal kingdom:
Rats would surely miss the trash we offer them. The cocks, cows, pigs and various other species would grow up in large number of population. The animals that you adore now-a-days in zoos, will go out of cages, since the locks are not stronger, but some of them would die due to lack of feeding in cages. Within few centuries, most of the land would look like Serengeti, South Africa with huge population of large mammals. Actually, animals would not have to be worried about green grass, hunting, limited realm, and with owning large territory so no more dispute.



What would happen to our continent:
Yes, from the convent school to stock exchange building, from the congested lane to wide highways and from pavement to large steel bridges everything would become dead and of no strength anymore. Yes, this might take few decades to centuries but it would happen. There would be some surprise for new world’s buds, since your home’s every stuff has stopped working and started rotten, iron rods, electric wires may be gas pipes, any one of them causes sudden blast, would just need inflammable materials left by humans.




What would happen to ecosystem:
Before rising in population growth of animals, greenery would cover the whole land, from the hard concreted land to asphalt roads. It would be the beginning of new life, no one can stops life, and life always finds its ways. Since there would be no more man-made disturbance to nature it will expand to its fullest. Rising water ground water level, due to non-active drainage system, the cities would have to face flood and which might stays for longer time.

Gonna poke the croc
Gonna poke the croc



Nothing will stay forever once the human disappearance happens; some creations would take decades while few would vanish in more than 400 centuries. The spacecraft, sounds, the waves, messages humans left in space will only stay forever in space and universe. There are many, many and many view points about what would happen to earth, land and natural ecosystem if humans disappeared, we tried to pour some views and we are eager to know what you have in mind about it; feel free to share with us.

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