25 Heart Breaking Deforestation Facts to be Concerned About

Do you admire nature? Then you must aware of how fast the rate of deforestation is increasing.
Your ATM receipt, match box, agriculture, buildings and so many other businesses; consequently, resultant is the reducing of forests. Let it goes this way for 100 years and our next generation would not even see the rainforests ever. Yes, think about it! But first, you better know heart breaking deforestation facts that we are sharing here.



Heart Breaking Deforestation Facts to be Concerned About



No more rainforests! Yes, as we mentioned above, in 100 years next generation won’t see any rain forest. Since rainforests incorporate minor existence among all forests on earth, so it won’t need that much time to disappear.

Over grazing is the resultant of removing forests for using it for agriculture purpose. Agricultural land can’t keep that fertility for long time so, will lead to no growing of new plants and forests.

Global warming is rapidly threatening us day by day and year by year. The main and only reason is deforestation. Let the deforestation goes this way and you will see the devastating face of global warming.

Sorry, but deforestation is the reason for the disappearance of many species of animals and plants as well. And it’s more to go, slowly slowly, day by day with in one or two centuries future generation would not get any chance to admire beautiful creatures and rare plants.

Let’s admit we are losing the area of natural forests as large as 15 football fields every single minute. In fact, while you are reading it, at this moment, a forest is about to be removed somewhere.

Axes and machinery are not only responsible for the deforestation but the fire as well. Removal of large area can be done by fire and consequently; air pollution, global warming, toxicity in air.





Yes, go green! Planting trees won’t help us that way as we expect. The plants we have today were planted many years ago manually or naturally. And even if we plant a tree daily on big scale this would not recover what’s gone.

No trees, no life! As simple is that, no plants, no food, no air, no fruits and no life. We can’t imagine a life without life, not at all.

Amazon forests produce 20% of the world’s oxygen. We are not supposed to lose even a single tree there.

Unfortunately, we are losing life saving natural herbs. Yes, though we are gifted with such magical herbs in jungle but with the removal of forests, forget about the deadly cancer treatment and other disease.

Every one of us has not that easy life. Millions of people have been living and are dependent on forest for their basic needs and livelihood. Just think how would they survive?

7-8% of earth is covered by the tropical forests with half of all animal and plant species. Seriously, we have no idea how would they going to keep them alive.

All around the world, contribution to save tress is collected online and so you too can contribute your effort at least by donating some bucks you have earned.





Support the eco-friendly companies and buy their products that will directly reduce the demand of feeling of trees.

Forests attract clouds; trees bring us rain and natural water. It’s a cycle which should not be disturbed.

Land absorbs water and so keeps the ground water level high enough so we can get it easily.
With no forests left, no more absorption on water and which will reduce the ground water level.

Wild life extinction, landscaping, soil erosion and even the devastating flood are the resultant of deforestation.

African countries consume fuel wood up to 200% more than the growth rate of trees. This leads rapid demand of timber.

Europe, Japan and USA alone use 60% of paper and half of the world’s timber.

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Sorry to tell you but half of the world’s tropical forests have been removed already but deforestation is still heading forward.

It’s been breaking news many times, that wild animal found in society, inside house, in swimming pool and attack on peoples. Removal of forests, reducing their home land causes them to join our home, with wild manner of course.
During transpiration process plants consume carbon and release oxygen. Now you got to understand the fact; no plants, no oxygen but more carbon-di-oxide.

We are blessed and inherited by the natural resources so for the food, livelihood and even to breathe. If this keeps going this way, our kids would not have any vacation spot for picnic and for admiring nature. Knowing heart breaking deforestation facts only would not help us, we got to get up, and do something, at least join the petition and aware people around you. Let’s say together, go green, think green and live green.









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