30 Thrilling Facts About Stars

Still remember the rhyme- Twinkle Twinkle little stars? Sorry to tell you but it was just a poem, not happening in reality. Actually, stars cannot twinkle at all. Either it’s Einstein’s theory of relativity or astrological concepts and believes, humanity has been unfolding the secrets of universe and galaxy. Our connection with stars is from heart and mind with some myths and stories that we have been listening from childhood days. Today’ we brought you up the thrilling facts about starts that you might don’t know.



Thrilling Facts About Stars



Want to open a pub? You better heading to space and after travelling ten thousand years in a constellation far there will be huge space booze aka alcoholic space cloud.

Every time you look to the sky and see a single star, is not actually a one star but are two or three.

On earth, red color symbolizes the danger and blue is considered as color of love and nature. But it’s opposite in the case of stars, blue star will burn you and red freeze you to crystals.

Sun looks huge! But reality is, there are many stars in sky that actually real big as compared to sun. The biggest star is VY Canis Majoris and it’s more 1500 times bigger than our hot sun. Imagine how it would be to look sun from that star. Would be tiny for sure!




Massive stars have short span of life since they have high density of chemicals therefore they use it much faster than small stars.

Well, Proxima century is the closest star system to our hot sun, one-seventh of the diameter of earth and much bigger in size than sun.

Larger is the size of star, more is the fusion process which leads to rise in deadly temperature. So, color and temperature of stars are connected.

Black holes never suck! Yes, you might have seen in movies or have read that black holes suck everything into them. Well, they don’t! Instead they pull it by the strong gravitational force which natural force in universe.

Deneb in Cygnus is the bright star and is just 19, 000,000,000,000,000 miles away from you, but it can be seen in clear night sky. Don’t you get good eye-sight, do you?

Our hot sun is not yellow! Yes, it’s green or blue, or green-blue in color. When the ray of light enters our atmosphere it gets influenced by it to appears yellow.




How does the sun produce so much of heat that it can sweat you from far away? Fusion reaction produces 100 billion hydrogen bombs every second on sun and so is the HOT.

Our solar system galaxy (Milky Way) has approx more than 200-400 billion stars but numbers are changing because of as new stars born and many die every time.

Supernova is the largest explosion in this universe. When a star explodes into supernova it can release so much of energy more than sun.

Stars explode into supernova when they die, they don’t have silent death!

When the huge stars die, collapsed pieces of died star becomes neutron star which is the resultant of supernova. And neutron star can rotate more than 500 times in just one second, so fast!




There are billions of galaxies in space and Milky Way is the one we live in and is whirling rapidly.

Sun is a star and earth is a planet but one million earths can fit inside our sun. It’s really unbelievable, isn’t?

The most basic thing we all know sun is the star, but still there are millions of people don’t know it that sun is a star. In US, more than 40% people don’t know that sun is a star.

Stars are actually formed by the dust and gas, more the combination of gas and dust; more is the mass of star.

Stars are so far away from us that, you better live for 35,000 years if you wan to reach nearest star to sun.

When you enjoy looking at the stars, you actually seeing in back time as the light takes hundreds of years to reach earth.




Degenerate star aka white dwarf or died star is actually the composed electron-degenerate matter.

Cold red stars’ temperature is 3,500 Kelvin while hot blue stars’ is 41,000 with absorption of He, He++, N++ and Si++.

Eta Carinae is the biggest star and is terrible in size that it is considered as hyper-giant.

Black Dwarf is the hard ball of carbon floating in space which is the resultant of burned star or died star.

Neutron stars are so dense that they can even warp light and don’t you dare think that live exists there!

Well, largest diamond is founded, it’s in space. This diamond is actually a collapsed star and has a core of 100 billion trillion carats. Unfortunately, you can’t have it because it’s 50 light years away from us.

Scientists have been trying to uncover the secrets of universe, finding new planets, stars and much more is still about to come. Hope you loved the thrilling facts we shared above, do let us know more facts you got and share this post with pals. Have fun with facts about stars.











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