10 Incredible War Inventions Non Technical And Non Mechanical

Humanity never demands for a war but peace and love. Unfortunately, we are inherited by the history of two devastating world wars which definitely caused countries to get ready for what if they are going to see another world war in future. So, that’s how countries have been making, gathering nuclear weapons and bombs that even can destroy almost a country in no time. What an excellent use of science and technology. But looking at the past, you will know there were some remarkable war inventions non technical and non mechanical. Without them army could not even survived in battle field and some of them are given below.

Incredible War Inventions Non Technical And Non Mechanical

How would they get commands and status report without any instant communication? Luckily they had telegraphed at that time so, would exchange messages to commander and press as well. This telegraph technology became usable and considered as one of the best and important stuff, actually not less than a weapon in 1860s.


Sanitary Napkins:
World wars are stained by the bloods of thousands of people and soldiers. It was not like that as today’s medical assistance of immediate doctors on site. They could not let their army waste their blood so luckily found the sanitary napkins and so the soldiers could have saved their life as the napkins didn’t let their blood flow from wounds. Later on, in 1920s, women stated to use these rough napkins in period days.
The Can:
It was not the can containing fuel for the vehicles in emergency time but had the fuel for army. Yes, that’s the food container! Warriors would have thank Gail Borden as he helped millions of army by letting them carrying their food, milk, coffee, beef, lobster and whatever they had as instant food.


Significant Tea Bags:
They never called is tea bag but tea bomb! Having a cup of tea or coffee can reduce the stress for many of us. But how would a solder do that while carrying weapons and no resources for making instant tea? Cotton made small bags carrying tea making power was really a helpful invention for German troops. So, finally army had gained some entertaining and leisure time on field as well.


The Famous Penicillin:
How could we forget listing this war winning invention. This was the invention which saved thousands of lives and gratefully gained soldiers the relief from unbearable pain and wounds.
Infection and bacteria was like, fire in jungle! But Humanity should have express gratitude to Sir Alexandra Fleming for discovering such wonder drug (1928).


Vegetarian Sausage:
Yummy sausage were not invented by someone in California nor even by any chef. It was a discovery of Konrad Adenauer who was the chancellor from Germany. He had to get something done which was affordable with the remained materials, since the food supply has stopped that time. So, his inventive mind gifted soldiers the vegan sausage instead by using soya instead of meat. Definitely, those sausages would have given soldiers tasty time.


The Real Stainless Steel:
Harry Brearley got this stuff from scrap! Actually he experimented chromium with steel but could not find expected results so threw it away. But after few days he found that the metal had not rusted so here the steel comes from. They used it for guns, spoons and other stuff which they wanted to keep rusting proof.


Poison Gas:
Have you ever thought of chemical weaponries in first world war? Yes, they even used such breathtaking step which led them to devastating results. That was a chemical warfare; in 1918, British soldiers were blinded by tear gas during the battle of Estaires. It was the chlorine that affected army’s nose, throat, eye-sight, and lungs. The motto was just to demoralize and injure British troops.


The zip you got within your pants, dresses packing bags were first invented during world war. Even the name “zipper” comes from the sound it makes “zip” that it creates while moving it. With the interlocking oval scoops, Sundback introduced this invention to the WWI in 1913. Military and Navy used zipper to carry weapons, money and with flying suits as well. They finally got rid of making knots on bags!


With the war on horizon in 1930, U.S. army worried about the prospect of mosquito-borne disease, which literally had took the many lives away. DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) was a power which they applied to the cloths and other usable stuff on regular basis. Since, its effect were long lasting, U.S banned it in 1972.


Whenever we look into the past and dig out the history of epic soldiers and the story of bravery, we can find out some war wining inventions which are beyond machine guns, tanks and other armor. These incredible war inventions non technical and non mechanical signify the steps that had taken for army and civilians as well.

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