12 Most Dangerous Airports You Better Avoid

There are many man-made creations which have been the considered as rare, awesome and dangerous as well. You might have been experiencing the air flights many times but after knowing these airports you would never want to be here. It’s not weather conditions what makes them dangerous but the runway and smartly done construction work. Let’s have a look over breathtaking airports to avoid.

Most dangerous airports you better avoid

Gibraltar International Airport, Gibraltar:
You would not admire the traffic while your plane landing with fast speed. But on Gibraltar International airport, every landing is traffic stopping event as there is high crossing directly the run way. What a fantastic and dangerous engineering adjustment! Despite of such incredibly dangerous runway, this airport has never faced any major mishap.
Gibraltar International Airport, Gibraltar (1)

Gibraltar International Airport, Gibraltar (2)
Paro Airport, Bhutan:
Planes are supposed to land after a thrilling flying via mountains and houses. This airport never allows flights at nights, in fact, even if it’s day time, flights are allowed with visual meteorological conditions. Weaving through mountains and over houses will get you anxiety so passengers got to get anti-anxiety meds before landing.
Paro Airport, Bhutan (1)

Paro Airport, Bhutan (2)
Princess Juliana International Airport, Saint Martin:
Departure from the runway 10 needs brave heart pilots! Why? The maho beach is there and every time flight departures, it almost flies over beach so that just few feet above the people on beach. It’s been a famous airport for low flying aircrafts. Unfortunately, they do not offer security to save passengers from maniac.
Princess Juliana International Airport, Saint Martin (1)

Princess Juliana International Airport, Saint Martin (2)
Lukla Airport, Nepal:
This has been listed as world’s scariest airport as the turbulence and tiny planes flight are your worries. Flying here is also considered as a part of adventure. You got to worry about the fence as in 2013; a plane touched the wire of compound wall.
Lukla Airport, Nepal (1)

Lukla Airport, Nepal (2)
Saba Airport, Netherlands:
With the just 1,300 feet runway this is the world’s shortest runway land. Landing strip is flanked by the water on one side and slop in land on other side which does not seem to be a good landing land for you, unless you got shap-shooting pilot.
Saba Airport, Netherlands (1)

Saba Airport, Netherlands (2)
Gustaf III Airport, France:
With a beach at the end and slop on hills have listed this to extreme airports in world. Flights only take 20 passengers at a time only. While dangerously landing, people having sunbath on beach, driving on road got to keep them safe as you never know when a flying charter comes just few feet above you.
Gustaf III Airport, France

Gustaf III Airport, France
Courchevel International Airport, France:
The landings are with no-ground procedure due to the surrounding mountains there. Landing is actually deadly dangerous as pilots got to navigate the mountains properly in order to avoid mishap or loosing elevation. And don’t get panic when your plane touches the inclined angles while landing.
Courchevel International Airport, France (1)


Ice Runway, Antarctica:
U.S.A owns this beautiful and slippery run way as it has no pavements and planes only carrying certain weight can only land here. However, pilots have no problem with the runway as it’s rigid and strong enough as concrete but often while landing, slippery runway makes it bit hard to stop a plane. There are minor chances if the ice gets sink few inches deep!
Ice Runway, Antarctica (1)

Ice Runway, Antarctica (2)
Madeira Airport, Portugal:
Kudos to the Pilots who dare to land the crafts here. However, it was widely famous for its shorter runway but they extended it with using 180 columns series so as to construct a runway. The structural engineering is incredible but pilots are still aware of making landing easy on the runway which is surrounded by water and mountains.
Madeira Airport, Portugal (1)

Madeira Airport, Portugal (2)
Toncontin International Airport, Honduras:
Navigation is totally hard with this airport as it’s surrounded by hills and mountains and valleys.
Unfortunately, flights got only one way out and one way in on runway. And so because of such reasons, this airport has experienced several accidents, recent was in 2008 where five passengers got died.
Toncontin International Airport, Honduras (1)

Toncontin International Airport, Honduras (2)
Barra Airport, Scotland:
The only single one airport as flights use a beach as runway! However, it really beautiful seeing a plane taking off when there is water on beach but could lead to deadly mishap in the time of high tide. For the emergency landings and departure they got the vehicle lights for visibility.
Barra Airport, Scotland (1)

The only airport in the world, where flight schedules depend on the tide. Ñ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barra_Airport,_Scotland
The only airport in the world, where flight schedules depend on the tide. Ñ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barra_Airport,_Scotland

Kansai International Airport, Japan:
First, let’s admire the beautiful and insane hard work of engineering for making this artificial island. Since it’s been crafted in middle of water because of scarcity of land this is more prone to danger of rising water level around island. Yes global warming is rising up every year and people believe that this airport won’t stand for more than fifty years.
Kansai International Airport, Japan (1)

Kansai International Airport, Japan (2)
High altitudes, unpredictable weather conditions, short runways and so called distractions make an airport deadly dangerous. We are blessed with such beautiful and breath-taking engineering works and these must be admired for sure. Leave us a comment and let us know if you got the name of any dangerous airport we left and feel free to share this post with friends.

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