10 Most Rare Phenomena on Earth

Nature itself only knows the secrets of all inspiring activities. We always take such phenomenon for granted and expect them to happen on certain season or moment. Mother Nature never stops to leave us with curiosity and amaze at the same time. The most bizarre phenomenon caused scientists to dig more into their years of studies but still, could not find out the scientific reasons behind such activities. There are myths and sometimes irrelevant concepts for such events but still we adore and appreciate the all unbelievable natural phenomenon that really exist.

Most rare phenomena on earth

Sailing Stones, Califronia:
These rolling stones of death valley have been a center of attraction for humans around world and a controversy among scientists. Some stones move straight and then turn right or left direction. Later on with the help of time lapse video footage it’s founded that these small but heavy stones move on thin melting sheets due to the wind forces.
rare phenomenon in Sailing Stones, California (1)

rare phenomenon in Sailing Stones, California (2)

Catatumbo lightning, Venezuela:
This insane, everlasting lightning is the world’s largest generator of tropospheric zone. This lightning event occurs for the more than 200 nights a year, for 9 hours per day. What if you see something like that while driving on road? Don’t worry this phenomenon occurs on lake, you are safe!
Catatumbo lightning, Venezuela (1)

Catatumbo lightning, Venezuela (2)

Frost Flower, USA:
Ahh! Icy flowers! The formation is such beautiful creation depends upon freezing weather condition while soil is not already frozen. Frost flowers are so soft that they melt once you touch them. The drawn water from stem causes a thin layer of ice to create adorable small petals so it looks like that way.
Frost Flower, USA (1)

Auroras, Arctic and Antarctic:
Aka polar lights which has been displayed on the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The scientific reason behind lightning is the ionization process. When wind disturbs the magnetosphere, charged particles precipitate them to rise above the thermosphere. Red and green color of lights draw an adorable portrait in sky so it looks alike disco lights.
Auroras, Arctic and Antarctic (1)

Auroras, Arctic and Antarctic (2)

Black Sea undersea river, Amazon:
This unbelievable natural phenomena first discovered by the scientists from university of Leeds in 2010. It’s a rare and unique actually the one of such kind on earth, you can’t find it easily as it need special underwater vehicle. Like others, this unbelievable river has fantastic features i.e. banks, waterfalls and rapids.
Black Sea undersea river, Amazon (1)

Black Sea undersea river, Amazon (2)

Morning Glory cloud, Australia:
Glider pilots always wait for happening of this event as it happens in September to November. This beautiful phenomenon consists of low level solitary atmospheric waves and associated clouds. The roll cloud is 2km wide and 1000 long along with one or more consecutive clouds.
Morning Glory cloud, Australia (1)

Morning Glory cloud, Australia (2)

Glowing Sand, Maldives:
Just imagine you walking on beach on beautiful evening and suddenly you see the sand starts glowing beautiful blue color. Exactly that happened on Maldives beach. Actually credit goes to little fireflies and bioluminescent bacteria as these creatures gather up in millions and emit blue lights as to show stress, happiness or something personal business.
Glowing Sand, Maldives (1)

Glowing Sand, Maldives (2)

Sun hallo, India:
You could have seen this unbelievable natural phenomena in the regions of Himalaya, Nepal and Kolkata. It looks like as if sun is surrounded by colored circular rings around it and a black hole as well. This is optical phenomena occurs when sun rays get deflected via ice crystals present in cirrus clouds. Moreover, people also have spiritual belief about this event.
Sun hallo, India (1)

Sun hallo, India (2)

Cloud hole, New Zealand:
Thor is coming! Or some aliens! You might think of it when you just see it live in sky. This big circular gap looks like huge hole in clouds and seriously this will give you jaw drop moment. Airplanes are responsible for such holes but scientists claimed that due to the ice crystals present in clouds, when water temperature goes down the freezing point but vapors has not frozen yet.
Cloud hole, New Zealand (1)

Cloud hole, New Zealand (2)

Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, China:
Nature is the best artist and seeing these colorful rocks formation, you’ll find it as magnificent piece of painting. But this is real actual resultant of deposition of sand stone in millions of years. You have not seen such a beauty of artistic mountains, recently this site has been considered as UNESCO world heritage site.
Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, China (1)

Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, China (2)

We all admire the serenity of our earth. Nobody knows where and when natural magical events happen. News, social media, social sites, magazines and scientists always keep people updated with new facts, phenomena and discoveries around world. Even though sometimes it’s devastating or horrible but still the aftermath always stuns us, causes us to respect and love our planet. Have you ever witnessed any of such rare natural phenomena? What are you waiting for? Drop us a comment and let us know more rare unbelievable natural phenomena.

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