40 Eye-Opening Slogans On Save Trees

‘TREES are precious GIFT given to us by nature!!’ Why can’t we all combine together and take necessary steps to do better for this noble cause? Many of us may have seen eye-opening slogans on save trees displayed in the form of banners, posters and placards in residential and commercial areas. But, this time let’s try something unique by placing them on our college t-shirts, official coffee mugs, school and shopping bags, so that the slogans create long-term effect in the minds of other people. We need to make others realize that if we keep cutting down trees, there will be no more left to see because oxygen is the basic need of life which we can only get from the plants.
Eye-opening slogans on save trees can effectively be used by us on events related to save earth, annual celebrations at schools and colleges to encourage and aware common people living in the nearby society or community towards the serious issue ‘save trees’.




Below, we provide some unique and motivational slogans on save trees.

Let’s take a pledge that from today onwards we will not allow a single tree from falling down. We will make some effective efforts from our own personal end by joining the organizations working for save trees.

• We will encourage our family members, elders, friends, neighbors and even small kids to plant more and more trees and get involved with us in saving our important, valuable resources.
• We will try to make our ‘trees saving mission’ service volunteer, so that other people may also motivate.
• We must take active participation in the discussions or meetings related to the trees conservation issues within the community or state.
• We should also involve our new generation in promoting eye-opening slogans on save trees camping and teach children in schools to respect trees and environment.

At last, why don’t we understand that trees are a symbol of life on the earth?







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