10 Piercing Aftercare Instructions

From nose to lips to navel, bellybuttons are all the way very popular nowadays. As tattoos grew its demand over a couple of years, body piercing is also growing its demand over years. Within the last few years, piercing has become a very demanding style statement. But with their lot of advantages, they also have some disadvantages with them. Actually they carry a lot of risks and complications with them. But when you are almost final about getting a piercing in your body, you should know about the techniques of taking care of a new piercing that you have done in your body. So here are some ultimate aftercare tips and solutions for body piercing.

Useful Piercing Aftercare Instructions:

Using a Needle and Not a Gun: First of all, this point is not at all an aftercare tips, but you should be clear about this. Actually piercing can be done with both gun and needle and you always have that choice of yours. You can whether do it with a piercing gun or even a needle. But always try to choose the one that is safe for you. Needle piercing is always safe from the gun piercing as the gun forces with a lot of pressure causing unnecessary damage of the tissues. Again it is also quiet hard to maintain the sterilization factors with plastic materials. Rather with a needle you can do it slowly and steadily and it’s completely sterile because it is made up of metal.

10 Piercing Aftercare Instruction 1

Wash with Soap and Saline Water: After you are done with the piercing, you will have to wash it regularly to take care of it. Some people may suggest you to take care of your piercing by rubbing alcohol at the place but remember alcohol dries up your piercing portion. If it gets dry, the skin will start cracking resulting in bleeding. So always try to use oil based soaps and saline water to wash that area. This helps in soften up the healing tissue.

10 Piercing Aftercare Instruction 10

Turning the ring: Sometimes you may need to turn your ring for any purpose. But you have to know about something before you try that out. Only turn the ring when it is wet and you are cleaning it. Don’t ever think of turning it when it is completely dry.

10 Piercing Aftercare Instruction 2

Piercing in Cartilage area: When you are doing a piercing in any of your cartilage area, the most interesting thing is that it will almost feel the same as lobe piercing. But the factor completely differs in case of healing. The cartilage area takes almost double time to heal than a lobe area. So for that you will also have to take more care in such case.

10 Piercing Aftercare Instruction 3

Treat according to the signs of healing: You will have to treat your piercing area according to the signs and symptoms. So the main thing that is needed is that you will have to keep an eye on the signs of healing. A lobe piercing takes a time of about 2 or 3 months to heal completely again a cartilage piercing may take up to 10 months to heal and dry out completely. Once it stops hurting, swelling and secretion of fluid, you will have to think that the wound has completely healed.

10 Piercing Aftercare Instruction 4

Have Patience: Yes of course you will need a patient mentality to completely heal up your new piercing. It’s not so easy that your body will accept a foreign object on it. So it will take some time to adapt with that object. Your only job is to be patient and nurse the wound. If you take your aftercare very carefully you will able to avoid any type of serious problems.

10 Piercing Aftercare Instruction 5

Avoid submerging the piercing: When your piercing is going through the healing process, remember not to submerge under water for a long time. So it’s a better idea to stay out of pools, hot tub, lakes, rivers and other water bodies. Stagnant water is always the home of bacteria. So you should keep yourself safe from that.

10 Piercing Aftercare Instruction 6

Keep the Jewelry in Place: Most of the piercings take about some weeks to heal up but there are some piercings which may take up to some months to get completely healed. If you want to keep your piercing in a well condition, leave the jewelry in place during this time because the hole may close. After the piercing completely heals out you will see a permanent whole in that area.

10 Piercing Aftercare Instruction 7

Clean Oral Piercings with Mouth Wash: If you have done a piercing on your tongue, lips or cheek, rinse it with an antiseptic mouthwash. You should use a soft bristle brush to remove all the bacteria inside your mouth. Once the area is healed, take out the piercing at night and clean it thoroughly.

10 Piercing Aftercare Instruction 8

Don’t Panic: It may be possible that your piercing is bothering you. Excessive swellings, redness in the area, fluid secretion all are the symptoms of piercing. But don’t panic because of that. If you have made your piercing from a professional piercer they will obviously tell you the ways to get from it. If you are really worried about all these things, just rush to your piercer for further details.

10 Piercing Aftercare Instruction 9

So body piercing looks amazing and we all know that. There is nothing to get confused about its aftercare solutions. Just if you want a good thing, you will have to go through some problems. But there are obviously some solutions for that. Just take care of your piercing as we have told step by step.

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