Best Types of Tattoo Machine Used

Now those who are too much interested in the art of tattoo making and eager to know about the art will find this article too much helpful. Here we will be talking about the tattoo machines and its different classifications. Actually tattoo machine is a tool that is used for drawing a tattoo on a skin. You can easily say in other words that it is the main equipments for drawing ink into the skin. Various types of tattoo machines have been developed, over time, varying in different types of technology. So we will know about all of them here.

Several types of tattoo machines have been developed since the time of sharpened reeds and organic inks. But among them some are most popularly and widely used by the modern tattoo industry. Nowadays, these different types of tattoo machines are used for performing different specific tasks. So choosing the right machine for the right job is very necessary. Here are some facts about these popular tattoo machines.

Best Types of Tattoo Machine Used

1. Rotary Tattoo Machine: This was built on 1978 by Manfred Kohrs of Germany. This was the original tattoo machine used at that time which was completely based of rotary technology. Rotary technology tattoo machine was invented by Samuel O’Reilly and improved with latest technology over years. It uses an electric motor to drive the needles. Nowadays this machine has developed much and an armature bar is used for efficiency.

Best Types of Tattoo Machines 1

2. Coil Tattoo Machine: Coil tattoo machine is the one which you have mostly seen. This is the most commonly used tattoo machine of this time. This machine actually uses an electromagnetic circuit to move the needle grouping. There are also many variations of machines like single coiled machine to triple coiled machine. It is found in different sizes and of different formation and substances. The dual coiled machine is considered to be the most common one.

Best Types of Tattoo Machines 2

3. Liner Tattoo Machine: The purpose of this liner machine is to lay the ink on the skin in one pass to create a dominant line. The technology uses a short contact circuit which causes the machine to cycle faster and thus performing the task.

Best Types of Tattoo Machines 3

4. Shader Tattoo Machine: This machine is mainly used to shade black and its variant colors. Colors other than black are also used nowadays in this type of machine. The saturation level of this machine is low and uses a bigger contact gap than the liner tattoo machine. This makes it cycle slightly slower. Some tattoo artists use this machine for all lines because it allows the line to be traced with less trauma to the skin.

Best Types of Tattoo Machines 4

5. Combination Liner and Shaders: Actually the liners and the shaders are almost mechanically similar to each other. This allows making a combination of both these devices. So the machine is made in such a manner that you can out either the liner needle or the shader needle one at a time. This males the work easier for a tattoo artist with the combination of these two.

Best Types of Tattoo Machines 5

6. Pneumatic Tattoo Machine: In the year 2000, a tattoo artist named Carson Hill invented the first pneumatic tattoo machine and began using it. The pneumatic machine is actually powered by an air compressor and they are extremely light weight. It uses the pressurized air to power the tattoo machine and drive the needles up and down. Another interesting thing about this tattoo machine is that it can be directly put into autoclave without any disassembly.

Best Types of Tattoo Machines 6

We have discussed only about the most common types here. Remember that there are other different variations of tattoo machines in the world and we hardly know about these. But in most of the cases you will see these above machines.

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