Learn How To Read What Others Think And Feel

Are you one of those people who loves to sit around and observe people around and try to come up with stories about their lives? Then you probably are pretty high up in the ladder of those who are adept at reading other people and taking an educated guess at what they think and feel. However, you will notice in today’s world people are not that interested in studying people around them since there are too many diversions and distractions around. If you are one of those, who envies the ability of other people around to look at others around and come up with insights about them, then you should try some of the suggestions given here.

Here Are Some Ways To Read Others And Find Out What They Think And Feel:

Study the body language: One of the main aspects of a person that will give you a clue about what they think and feel is their body language. If you interact with people on a continued basis, you will soon realize that people tend to go back to their nervous tics and gestures when they are saying something that they are not comfortable with. For instance, if someone has something unpleasant to tell you they may tug at their hair or scratch their necks when doing so. In case they have been looking forward to telling you about it, then they will have a small smirk on the corner of their lips when they have this conversation. People normally believe that others avoid eye contact with them when they are lying, but since this is a known clue, people try to maintain eye contact when they are lying. However, you will notice in some cases that the eye contact they maintain with you is unnatural in that they do not even blink or in some cases, they have eye contact along with some other nervous tic. As you keep studying this aspect, you will see that some emotions are very easy to read like lust, nervousness, anger and grief but that some emotions like envy, resentment etc. may be harder to spot.

Learn to listen to what they don’t say: In some instances, it is what people do not articulate that has a way of shouting out loud their thoughts and feelings. However, this is not something that we observe because we are too busy reacting to what people say. However, if you are keen to learn how to observe others to get a clue about what they think and feel then you have to learn to start listening what they do not say. To do this you have start studying the nuances of the way people say things. A simple way to understand this is to observe a teenage boy or girl when they are talking about a person they have a crush on, and you will understand what we mean. They will mention the name in  a reverent hush or have a blush on their cheeks or slip in the name while trying to be nonchalant about it.

Read their expressions: Eye contact, observation of the way they move their lips along with the use of their eyebrows is an important part of being able to observe a person to know what they think and listen. In addition, if you are not a part of the conversation but simply observing from a short distance then you will be able to observe a lot more. In fact, if you start observing people and become familiar with them, then you will learn how to interact with new people comfortably. We are sure the more you observe people and learn about what makes them tick, you will find that there is a lot to be learnt and soon you will have mastery over this aspect.

Watch how they behave with others: Another important aspect of learning to study people and learning about what makes them tick is to look at the way they behave with various people. For instance, your boss will have different persona while sharing a cup of tea with his peers, a different persona in company meetings and an entirely different persona while playing with his toddler. The same person who has a similar relationship with two people may behave and react differently even while in the same situation. It can be very interesting to observe this as this sort of varied reactions to people in the same situations, can help you weigh what a person feels about them and make your moves accordingly.

Some people have a way of moving their hands in a certain way when they feel nervous or uncertain and women have a way of removing and wearing their footwear frequently when they are attracted to someone and so on. In fact, studying others is an interesting exercise that can help you in your personal and professional lives.

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