Play The Balancing Act Of Life Well With These Tips

Life, they say is all about balance and this only happens when you know how to achieve this. We believe that the truly great people have somehow cracked this formula and found the magical balance that makes them so great. In this instance, when we talk about truly great people, we are talking about those who manage stay happy no matter what. While we are sure there are many achievements that make people happy, we believe that there is nothing greater than a person who has found the formula to be happy at all times. We also believe that this can be achieved when a person has managed to crack the formula that allows them to get the balancing act of life right.

What do you think they do to make this happen? We are sure that you think they do some kind of meditation or that they are incredibly lucky to be the way they are or that they have a secret power that gives them this sense of balance. You know what? All these assumptions are right but not quite in the way, you think.

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Here is how it works –

Their kind of meditation: When we talk about meditation, the mind immediately veer to a yogi like calm where they take deep breaths and close their eyes chanting some profound mantra. While you were right about the meditation, you are wrong about the kind of meditation they do. You will often find that those people who have mastered the art of balancing the many contrary areas of their life meditate on what needs to be done first and get their priorities right. They meditate to balance their own needs versus the needs of others around them. They meditate on how to tame their violent streak to channelize it into something that uses up the energy but not in a destructive manner. What we mean is that the people who have gotten the balancing act of life right are expert at making the sheer act of making the right choices into a kind of meditation. They really know how to remove negative thoughts from mind and concentrate on the positive.

They are incredibly lucky: They are incredibly lucky not in the sense that they are always happy but that they recognize each instance of happiness, no matter how small and savor it. They tend to take each moment of happiness no matter how fleeting and make it matter by enjoying it. Most of us have a lot of luck and happiness going on in life that we unfortunately only realize in retrospect but these people are not like that. They know they are lucky, they acknowledge it, and they enjoy it because they know it will not always last. That does not mean that they are disheartened by misfortune; they are not, they stoically hold on to those happy memories to ensure that they are balanced even it these tough times.

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Their secret power is: Yes, they have a secret power and this is what makes them balanced in life. This secret power is that they know that nothing in life is permanent and that as contrary as it may be change is the only constant. Well, what is so great about this, you ask, we all know this. However, the difference here is that they not only this but their power comes from their acceptance and embracing this truth. They know that a tough patch is not going to last and they balance this time with this attitude. They do not let a happy or triumphant moment make them arrogant and cocky but instead use this to help others if possible.

When you read the above, you may think all these are simple truths that are universally known. Nevertheless, knowing these simple truths is not enough to ensure that all of us live a balanced life. That is because we often confuse something simple with it being easy. You should know by now that simple thoughts and a simple attitude is probably the toughest thing to do. If you want to have a balanced approach to life, then we start by making a balance sheet of your life.

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We feel that for each of the liabilities in your life, you should find an asset. You will find that this exercise is not as simple as it sounds. We as human beings tend to be quick to grouse about our problems but are not so forthcoming about the aspects that are good. We need to instead focus on making each good moment count and quietly celebrate it and hold on to that memory. This will help us keep our balance the next time a problem (which it will) hits us.

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