Want To Be Loved And Appreciated? Find Out How!

We all go through life seeking many things like education, grades, friends, career, jobs, money, dates, appreciation and many material things, but at the center of all these things, our need is to be loved and appreciated. Have you ever wondered how it is that some people seem to find love and appreciation easily in life while others keep struggling to do so? We are sure that many of us feel that we are in the second category and feel unloved and unappreciated at many phases of life. In addition, when we come across people who seem to garner love, affection and appreciation effortlessly, then we feel they are gilded with a golden light.

However, what would you say if we told you that whether you are loved and appreciated or not would depend on you and not on your looks or even talent? Most of us believe that such things as love and appreciation only come to those who are blessed with good looks, a comfortable life and a nice personality. However, we also know that being endowed with good looks is a matter of genetics and that a comfortable life is a matter of wealth. What is more, those who have the first two seem to have the personality to go with it.

choir in a church

Let us tell you about the story of Jane and how she managed to start being loved and appreciated in spite of having average looks and being from a very modestly endowed background in terms of money. Jane too started her life believing like we all do that one could only be appreciated if one were endowed with good looks, a comfortable income and a nice personality. Then what happened to change her point of view? It was a simple event in her life that changed the way she thought. It all started when she started singing in the choir of the local church. She started going for the practice sessions at the age of 13 when her mother forced her to join the choir.

The choir was led by a nun from the local convent who would direct the whole group in their singing efforts. Sister May as everybody called her, was a woman that everyone looked up to and listened to, even the most truculent of teenage boys. Earlier on, Jane attributed this to the fact that Sister May was a nun and she felt that everyone listened to her because of that. But she was soon disillusioned of this notion when another nun took Sister May’s place for a couple of weeks when Sister May was not well.

The entire choir was in chaos with boys playing tricks and girls giggling at the oddest moments. And when Sister May came back, it was almost as if somebody had waved a magic band, the choir was melodious once again, the boys were angels and the girls full of obedience. That is when it stuck her that everyone can be loved and appreciated provided they emulated the way Sister May carried herself.

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We Are Sure With Time And Sincere Applications Of The Lessons That Are Given Here, You Too Can Be Loved And Appreciated  By Most People Around You:

It all starts with a warm and genuine smile: One of the main things that makes people start liking you (which is the start of love) is when you smile at them. However, do ensure that your smile should be warm and sincere or else it is very easy for people to discern when you are not smiling with your heart. You should also know that a sincere smile is also one of the easy steps to come out of embarrassing situations.

It is okay to have a sense of humor: While many people feel that humor is overrated because they are focused on getting ahead in life. But no matter what your life is like and what goals you have in mind, having a sense of humor always helps. It not only helps you but makes others also like you more.

Find something nice in everyone: We as humans are hardwired to find fault with things, people and situations but as difficult as it is, it makes more sense for you to find something nice in everyone. When you start doing it, sincerely, people will naturally be drawn to you because everyone loves someone who makes them good about themselves.

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Listen with your ears and your heart: Another step towards being loved and appreciated is by being a good listener. When someone comes to you to talk about something that is important to them, it is important that you listen what they have to say not only with your hearing but also your heart. When you do this sincerely, the person on the opposite side will know and like you for it.

Do not worry over differences in points of view: Everyone has a point of view and it is best to accept it. In fact, you should go a step ahead, and appreciate this difference in people, which will bring you one step closer to being loved and appreciated.

As you can see, though the above steps seem simple enough, they can bring good results when followed with sincerity.

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