Being Nice May Be Overrated But It Still Works

Why should people be nice though it is often considered an insult to be described as nice? People even go so far as to say that nice guys finish last meaning that if someone wants to get ahead in life they need to stop being nice. However, having seen all the anti-nice campaigning going on, we still feel that being nice is important. We are sure that in this time and age, people feel that they neither have the need to be nice nor do they have the time to be.

We Want To Make A Case Here For Being Nice And How Important It Is Even Today.

We will start by asking you what your ultimate goal in life is. Is it to be rich or grow in your career or is it being healthy or is it about attaining something else? We are sure that some or most of these are goals that we are all seeking to achieve in life but then when you look beneath the superficial surface of these goals, you realize that the underlying goal of most humans is to be happy in life and there is no doubt that having some of these things can make you happy at least for the time being before some other need or lack pops up and you end up feeling bad about it. As people grow older, they realize that it is not just the achievement of a goal but the sharing of it with others and being able to benefit from it that makes us happy.

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For example, a good career will only make you happy as long as you are able to share the joys of having achieved that with your family and if the income you make from it is used with joy. Or being healthy is only good as long as you and your loved ones benefit from it. The list goes on and by this we have established that no matter how we detail out our goals, the underlying goal is happiness, peace and contentment.

Now that we have established this, let us move on to discovering why being nice is so important.

Let Us Start Out With An Example In The Form Of A Short Story.

Philip was a thriving young executive working in a conservative investment firm. It was appraisal time and he was competing with Richard for the position senior analyst. Though in his heart of hearts, Philip knew that Richard was better for the job than he is, he desperately wanted the promotion. The best part was that fate had handed him an Ace card that he could play to win. He had just recently discovered that Richard was gay and though the firm did not openly talk about not having homosexuals on board, they did have a well-publicized policy of favoring family men. Philip decided that this was the time to make the most of it. He decided that he would propose to Beth, his current girlfriend (though he did not think she was quite right for him) in a way that would make it known to all the senior management in the firm. And then came the diabolic part where he would get Richard to talk about his live-in boyfriend.

young guy proposing

This would firmly establish him as the family man and Richard as the person who is in a same-sex relationship. Things went as planned and Philip proposed to his girlfriend during the company’s annual picnic to much applause and congratulations. He also managed to turn Richard’s congratulations to ask him when he (Richard) was marrying his boyfriend (Jaime). Soon the top management knew all about Philip’s engagement and Richard’s boyfriend. It was no surprise to anyone when Philip got the promotion.

However, the one thing that Philip was surprised to discover was that the promotion did not make him as happy as he thought it would. He felt a guilty at having pulled a trick on Richard to expose his sexuality, which did not in any way affect his ability to do his job. He was also upset that he was saddled with Beth, a woman he did not even love.

It was only when he publicly broke up with his girlfriend and confessed to Richard about the trick he had pulled did he start to feel better. As you may have guessed, this had an effect on his position in the firm and he soon quit to find another job.

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However, the lessons we can learn from this are as follows:

It is important for people to be nice in order to feel good about themselves.

Being nice makes you happy, which is the ultimate goal of every human.

Being nice also ensures that you are teaching the younger generation the right kind of values.

What is more being nice and knowing you have done the right thing can help you find how to stay calm in stressful situations.

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