Dealing With Life Changing Events – A Simple Guide

The thing about life is that we don’t know when it will throw us an unexpected curveball and everything changes for the worse. In addition, nothing in life prepares for disasters that most of us are likely to face when we reach that stage in life that is called adulthood. To start with, there are the breakups, the rejections, and the loneliness. Later on in life we also have other problems like being fired from a job, having to face major illnesses or having to go through a painful divorce or having to deal with the illness or loss of a loved one.  We are sure that by the time you have finished reading this section, you must start to feel sad for yourself. However, we all know that life is not all dark and gloomy; there are many joyous occasions that will want to make you laugh with joy.

However, the whole point of this article is not to teach you how to deal with joy (because no one needs any tips on that) but to help you get over adversities. The first thing you should know that nobody’s life is without pitfalls and what may seem like a non-event to you can be a big deal to the person going through the situation. The second thing that you should grasp is that nothing lasts forever – not the good times (unfortunately) nor the bad times (fortunately). The third aspect of all this is knowing when and how to react. In many cases, the crisis that we are going through may become worse due to the disproportionate reaction you have to it.

Let Us Take A Look At Some Of The Common Life Changing Events An Adult Is Likely To Go Through:

losing a job

Losing a job: You will probably agree with us when we say that the worst thing about losing a job is the way you feel about yourself. There is no doubt a bit of censure around this from friends, colleagues and family but the way you see yourself is the thing that irks you the most. Dealing with the loss of a job is never easy but it need not be the end of the world. Here are some fundamental and simple steps to deal with it:

Assess: The tendency to wallow in misery is there in all human beings and you need to get over that phase as soon as possible to assess the situation. In this stage, you will need to evaluate whether the loss of your job is due to something that you did not do right or is it due to circumstances? This is important as there is a lesson to be learnt from each crisis that we face.

Evaluate: This may seem like a repetition of the point above but it is not since we are talking about money here. Yes, a job loss also means the loss of income, and you will need to evaluate how long you can survive with the loss of income that comes about when you lose a job. Doing this at the beginning itself will allow you to plan and budget accordingly.

Plan: Obviously once you have assessed and evaluated the situation, it is time to make plans. In this case, the planning has to be based on truth and not at an idealistic level. It is true that people who have lost a job will have to be very practical and realistic in their planning as their options are limited.

Do: You would be surprised at how difficult this phase is given the loss of the job that results in killing your confidence. However, it is important for you  to pick up the pieces and forge ahead so that you can start putting things right.

man and woman having breakup

Having a breakup: A breakup may seem to some like something that is not so bad but for the person in the relationship, the event may be earthshattering. The temptation after a breakup is to wallow in the misery of things going wrong and while this can be part of the healing process, there is a danger of overdoing it. Here are some steps to follow:

Mourn: The first step in the process of getting over a breakup is to mourn the relationship. This is important as a certain mourning period will help you get over your negative feelings about the breakup.

Detach: Start detaching yourself from the situation by starting to look at other people’s relationships. The secret to happiness is that everyone has problems. The way most people cope is by detaching themselves from what is going on after a while.

Mingle: While we understand that a person who has gone through a breakup may not feel like dating after the breakup, it is important for people to keep socializing with friends. This will help in sharing your pains and ensuring that your mind is diverted.

happy woman

Move on: The important step in this process of dealing with something like a breakup is to move on. It is only this way will you be able to get on with a balanced life.

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