Fun Facts About Zodiac Signs That Will Have You Chuckling

We all have gone through the phases when we have studied the zodiac signs in terms of the love relations and characteristics with a passion that was intense. As time passes, maturity increases, we start looking at the zodiac signs with an air of amusement and often disbelief. While we do agree, that all that is written about zodiac signs and the weekly predictions made may not apply to you, zodiac signs are spot on when it comes to the characteristics of each sun sign. If not all, some of the traits do fit.

That is why we are putting together some fun facts about zodiac signs that will have you nodding your head in agreement even as you stifle a chuckle or two:


Aries: This sign is the infant of the zodiac family, which means along with idealism and naivety, Aries men and women are prone to being headstrong. They have the unwavering focus on things that babies tend to have. They would always think twice before backing from any dare, as they are as tenacious as babies are.

Fun Facts About Zodiac Signs

taurus sign

Taurus: This sun sign is known for being stubborn and very particular about things. The thing is that when you give a Taurus person a gift, you are not likely to get any overt appreciation but just a thanks. However, try to take away the gift, damage it or even try to borrow it and you will see the bull bellow.


Gemini: Changing focus, changing attention and a mind that is like quicksilver; these are just some of the traits of a Gemini. This means that you will have to listen intently to every word that comes out of their mouth or else the topic would have changed without you even realizing it.

cancer sign

Cancer: These soft crabs can be quite a handful to handle since they are considered the adolescents of the zodiac. Just because the cute Cancerian seems to be all giggles and happiness does not mean you can slip in a criticism or two. If you do it, you will be subjected to waterworks or a case of major sulks that will have you hiding.


Leo: This sign that represents the lion, which is the royalty in the animal kingdom, can be a bit of a lover of riches and opulence. For instance if you even give a Leo girl or boy a simple gift but it is gift wrapped with the logo and paper showing a bigger brand, they will love it just for that rather than the gift.

virgo 4

Virgo: These guys love order and organization and will go to any extent to indulge in their love for this. They will even tidy up the place when they are waiting for an appointment much to the amusement of the people at the reception.


Libra: The Libran lives for two or three things (obviously we are exaggerating) – arguing and sweets. Rarely will you come across a Libran who will walk away from an argument or from sweets. And all Librans have the most genuine smiles among all the zodiac signs.


Scorpio: The Scorpios have received a lot of bad press for being the vengeful and intense types, which they are. But did you know that there lies a wry, dry, and sarcastic wit beneath all the deep, dark and intense stares that they direct at you.

sagittarius 2

Sagittarius: While this sign is spiritual and has a definite inclination towards higher studies, they also suffer from what is commonly known as a ‘foot-in-the-mouth’ syndrome. So much so that sometimes the compliments they pay you may seem double-edged, but believe us, they mean it only as a compliment.


Capricorn: The goats (those born under the Capricorn sign) are known to be climbers who let nothing come in the way of their ambitions. However, the thing that can amuse us about people born under this sign is that they almost have an allergy towards leaving anything half done.


Aquarius: The futuristic thinking Aquarians are known to be much ahead in their thinking when compared to the current times. However, the fun fact that you should know about them is that most Aquarians are very confused about love and friendship and tend to take one for another.

pisces sign

Pisces: This sign is known to have some characteristics from all the other zodiac signs and also for being wise. While they are wise, they also have a side to them that never lets them make clear decisions. This combined with their penchant for seeking newer things all the time can make them amusing to have around.

While all the above facts could apply to the people under various signs, we also want to reiterate that this is an opinion piece based on the personal opinions of the writer and the team. However if you want to learn to give the right gift to your girlfriend based on her zodiac sign and understand her better, then you could benefit from the above article.

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